How Can Specialty Pharmacists Ensure Patients are Adhering to Therapy?

Rina Shah, PharmD, Vice President, Pharmacy Operations and Specialty Pharmacy, Walgreens, examines the approaches specialty pharmacists can take to ensure adherence.

Shah: This day in age it’s all about making sure that we’re looking at that patient’s adherence profile on their terms. We have fantastic opportunities through our digital capabilities, so we have tools that are available so that patients can go on their phone and refill by scan or press a button and they can just go ahead and get a message when their prescriptions are ready---they get a text when their prescription is ready---anything we can do to help that patient experience to be that much easier, that’s what our focus is. And then when you couple that with our clinical platform, it ends up being a great mesh of how we ensure that that patient is staying adherent to therapy. Through our advocacy groups we also have patient assistant programs, so when we look at what adherence actually looks like it’s about having new to therapy consultations from a clinical standpoint, it’s also making sure that they understand their side effect profile, but then also can they afford their medication. And so, partnering with various groups to ensure that our patients are thought of more holistically, that’s what we look at from an adherence standpoint.