How Can Mobile Health Improve Patient Care?


Matt Gillin, Chief Executive Officer, Relay Network, talks about why mobile health is important for patient care.

Gillin: Mobile health will improve patient care in 3 core areas. First and foremost is around education. One of the biggest problems you have in health care today is educating people—whether it be post-procedure, someone just diagnosed with a chronic disease, they tend to go through a very typical journey if you will.

First, they need to be educated about the condition or procedure they had. Second, they very often have after care or medication they need to adhere to or comply with. Reminders out to them is going to be critical on mobile.

Last but not least, allowing the patient to initiate communication with their caregiver, health coach, doctor—all of this is going to happen mobily. We believe that it is the only way to really drive the results you’re looking for.

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