How Can Data be Leveraged to Improve Patient Outcomes?


John Giannouris, vice president, Specialty Pharmacy Services, ValueCentric, speaks about how specialty pharmacies and other stakeholders can harness patient data to improve outcomes.

Giannouris: Data is currently being significantly leveraged to improve patient outcomes. It’s certainly being used to track patient adherence and compliance. Our customers at ValueCentric, they use the data to determine if a patient is sort of hung up in the benefits verification or prior authorization process.

So, getting a patient on therapy quickly is one of the things you want to do upfront. Looking at where a patient is in their first fill, and how long it takes them to get to their first fill, and then tracking how quickly a patient is then refilling, and tracking that refill. Manufacturers are looking at that every day, whether it’s through a single specialty pharmacy that their working with, or a broader limited distribution set of specialty pharmacies.

I think just looking at patient care and getting them on therapy and keeping them on therapy, using that set of data that the pharmacies provide, that the patient services hub provide, from time to first fill and then time to each refill, is one way to keep patient care and adherence at a good clip. There’s incremental data sets, so beyond just using what the pharmacy provides or what the patient services hub provides, if you can take that data and link it up with EMR, or other claims data on the patient.

If the patient has comorbidity or combinate therapies as well. You can also use that data along with the pharmacy data to see if there’s something else going on with the patient, and does that then trigger an alert that then a manufacturer might use that to message a certain patient population with.

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