Health Mart Hits the Airwaves with National Advertising Campaign


Health Mart is launching a national radio and digital advertising campaign designed to help bring more patients into Health Mart stores.




)--Health Mart


, the largest independent pharmacy network with more than 4,000 locally owned community pharmacies across all 50 states, is launching a national radio and digital advertising campaign designed to help bring more patients into Health Mart stores. Targeting every market where there is a Health Mart pharmacy, the campaign is supported by turn-key marketing solutions that enable stores to leverage the Health Mart brand and to promote their personalized services in their own way.

During September and October, Health Mart national radio commercials will be featured on popular shows and major events such as live NFL Sunday games, “A Better Life” with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the Rachael Ray Show, Dr. Phil, Doug Stephan’s Good Day, Delilah, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Fox News and Sports,The Rich Eisen Show, Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 Countdown, and The Crook and Chase Countdown.“This campaign is one more way we are investing in the success of local Health Mart pharmacies by building awareness of the Health Mart brand and bringing new customers to every store in every market,” said Steve Courtman, president, Health Mart. “In addition, Health Mart is investing significantly in the development of customizable marketing tools that enable stores to amplify the local impact of national campaigns like the radio spots.”

The campaign focuses on issues most important to patients as they select a pharmacy: price, convenience and that their pharmacist knows their medications. In addition to the national campaign targeting customers in every market where a Health Mart pharmacy is located, Health Mart members can capitalize on the corporate-sponsored activities and attract more customers into their neighborhood pharmacies by adding their own local marketing efforts with customizable templates and marketing tools. Available on the best-in-class Health Mart Marketing Hub, the campaign features access to matching funds and new support options to help pharmacies implement local marketing plans.

According to Health Mart Marketing Director Michelle Gilliam, the campaign also features digital advertising to help drive patients into Health Mart stores by inserting ads into relevant online, mobile and social sites potential patients visit. “Recent digital campaigns have brought more than 144,000 consumers to the online store locator and have proven that digital marketing allows us to more effectively reach customers, gain insights and improve efficiency for future campaigns.”

Health Mart is also co-hosting weather safety events with local TV weather personalities at stores in Memphis, Tenn. and Jackson, Miss. The TV Remote events are designed to educate consumers about being prepared for weather emergencies, and will be supported with additional TV advertising to drive traffic.

Coinciding with the campaign, Health Mart will also launch a refreshed Health Mart website ( that features updated branding, design and messaging to help keep consumers updated on national and local initiatives and events. The new national franchise website also includes an enhanced store locator to make it easier for consumers to find their local Health Mart pharmacy.

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