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Pharmacy TimesJune 2012 Women's Health
Volume 78
Issue 6

Oral Contraceptive Pill Reference

Oral Contraceptive Pill Reference, created by Better Leap Media, brings a database of more than 100 brand name and generic oral contraceptives available in the United States to Apple devices.

An index of birth control pills allows pharmacists and other health care practitioners to find essential information about each drug, including estrogen and progestin dose and other specialized formulations.

Pharmacists can search by name or drug dosage, non-contraceptive features, and efficacy. Pills are sorted by characteristics, including estrogen dose, progestin dose, and medication effectiveness. Efficacy is sorted by typical and perfect use, allowing the pharmacist to see the failure rate with typical and perfect use.

The application’s medication list includes updated pill formulations, including generic equivalents for certain brand name drugs, and information on the first chewable birth control pill. The app also allows pharmacists to identify equivalent alternate brands. It includes color photographs of oral birth control, but does not contain anything on emergency contraception.

The application focuses on oral contraceptives exclusively, so injected medications, medication patches, intrauterine devices, and OTC options are not covered.

Price: $2.99

Compatible with: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad


Doctor Mole

Doctor Mole uses an Android phone’s camera to scan suspicious moles and assess them on asymmetry, border, color, diameter, and elevation. Its augmented reality technology allows users to photograph moles at the correct lighting and distance, while calculating and saving the data on the phone. In addition, patients can set reminders to recheck a mole, while also being able to check it against a prior scan. Although the app does not replace a physician consultation, its assessments can prompt patients to schedule a checkup or remind them to keep watching certain moles.

Price: Free

Compatible with: Android devices



Analgesic allows pharmacists, particularly those working in health systems, to establish the dose and frequency after a patient is switched to a new medication. By inputting a patient’s current medicine, dose, and frequency, and selecting the new medicine, Analgesic calculates the dose and frequency regimen. Drop-down menus allow pharmacists to quickly input the current medication and select the new drug.

Price: $4.99

Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad


HealthClips RX

HealthClips RX allows pharmacists to send health education videos to patients for viewing at home or in the hospital. A library of more than 400 videos covering wellness, heart disease, stroke, and other topics allows the pharmacist to encourage patients to take charge of self-management while encouraging positive behavior. Pharmacists can track whether a patient watched a video and create custom playlists for a patient’s needs. Videos are about 3 minutes long and a growing number of clips are available in Spanish.

Price: Free

Compatible with: iPad


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