Fougera: 160 Years of Making No Compromises

Generic SupplementsAugust 2009
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As Fougera celebrates its 160-year anniversary, it becomes clear that the company has many reasons to do so. The leader in topical generic dermatology products, Fougera has long followed its credo, “make no compromises,” a philosophy that extends to every aspect of the company, from manufacturing to customer service to distribution and sales.

“This year marks the 25th anniversary of America’s generic pharmaceutical industry and Fougera’s 160th anniversary,” said Paul McGarty, chief executive officer (CEO) and president of Fougera. “When you consider that our industry saved the US health care system $120 billion last year—approximately $1 billion every 3 days—the value of safe and affordable generic drugs cannot be overstated. At Fougera, we look forward to continuing the work of providing safe and affordable medicines to consumers,” McGarty said.

The company, headquartered in New York with facilities in Pennsylvania and Arizona, is marking over a century and a half of success with festivities, the scope of which matches the span of Fougera’s legacy. A large-scale event for Fougera’s 800-plus US employees drew the company’s global CEO, as well as Generic Pharmaceutical Association President Kathleen Jaeger. The National Association of Chain Drug Stores’ annual Pharmacy and Technology Conference will bring another opportunity for Fougera to celebrate its legacy.

From the time in 1849 when pharmacist Edmond Fougera, a native of France, opened a small drugstore in Brooklyn, New York, the company strove not only for growth, but also for excellence. By the 1930s and 1940s, E. Fougera and Company prospered by importing products and forming joint ventures. In 1966, the emergent company burst onto the topical generic market to blaze new trails and set a precedent for the high standard of quality that has become its hallmark. During the 1970s, Fougera secured a strong foothold in the generic market by debuting superior products packaged in a uniform yellow and white design. Over the many years that brought a multitude of changes for the company, one thing remained the same—a group of individuals bringing passion and dedication to their work. “We have continued to build on our leadership position as a full-circle dermatology company,” said David Klaum, senior vice president and general manager of Fougera. “We manage dermatology products throughout the complete life cycle.”

Today, Fougera boasts the manufacture of approximately 300 SKUs, and PharmaDerm, its sister, branded company under Nycomed is not far behind with 200 SKUs under its belt. “We have the broadest spectrum of topical generics on the market,” said Klaum. With the pipeline for topical generics narrowing, Fougera is moving proactively to place itself more in the novel research end of the business.

Aside from producing a fine array of topical dermatologic products, Fougera has made it a priority to give back. With a philosophy of “produce to give,” the company has partnered with the international relief organization AmeriCares since 1991, providing the medications that have been specifically identified and requested as most needed as a result of war, poverty, or natural disasters throughout the world.

With a rich history of unsurpassed quality and a strong tradition of refusing to compromise, it is no wonder Fougera takes pride in its 160 years of achievement and innovation. It also becomes clear that Klaum speaks for all those who came before him when he says, “we’re dedicated to dermatology.”

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Paul McGarty, Chief Executive Officer & President, Fougera

David Klaum, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Fougera

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