Florida’s Largest, Long-Standing Community Oncology Practice Establishes Management Services Organization

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Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute Announces Intentions to Explore New Distributor and Group Purchasing Organization Partnerships.

Fort Myers, Fla., January 5, 2024 – Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute, LLC (FCS) announces plans to re-examine its partnerships with distributors and suppliers in 2024, further strengthening scalability efforts driven by its newly established management services organization (MSO). The statewide community oncology practice, which conducted over 3.4 million patient visits in 2023, will actively seek agile partners capable of managing the dynamic challenges and increased market pressures accompanying the delivery of oncology care.

Florida’s Largest, Long-Standing Community Oncology Practice Establishes Management Services Organization. Image Credit: © Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute, LLC

Florida’s Largest, Long-Standing Community Oncology Practice Establishes Management Services Organization. Image Credit: © Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute, LLC

Increasingly, over time, the oncology market has been encumbered with drug shortages and a record number of price increases. Continual evaluation of service partners ensures alignment with FCS’ mission and its ability to provide the same, if not better, quality of care and services at a superior value.

“The ideal partner will be aligned in our mission of providing patient-centered care and will keep pace with the increasing complexity of delivering high-value community oncology care,” said FCS Chief Value and Procurement Officer Paul Chadwick.

As a partner for FCS, the distributor plays a critical role in serving as the conduit of care between drug manufacturers and patients and is responsible for leveraging expertise to negotiate and reduce costs for physicians and manufacturers.

“This synergy of manufacturer, distributor and clinician is the keystone to delivering value-based, high-quality care across our expanding network of community oncology clinics and ancillary services in Florida,” said FCS President & Managing Physician Lucio N. Gordan, MD. “Patients look to us to oversee every aspect of their care, and a great portion involves the accessibility of advanced treatments. The onus lies in our hands to ensure that the cost of their care does not inhibit their ability to receive the best possible treatment option.”

The synchronization of management services, clinical operations and vendor partnerships will be vital in FCS’ ability to provide value-based care at scale across the practice’s nearly 100 locations in Florida. At the start of the year, FCS instituted its own MSO to administer the non-clinical functions of the practice within a single, unified platform.

“The structure of the MSO is unique in that it creates value for both FCS patients and physicians, with a principal goal of enriching the overall experience and outcomes for all involved,” said FCS Chief Executive Officer Nathan H. Walcker. “Partnerships with distributors and suppliers are key to effectively driving the scalability that will position FCS for future success and sustainability. Our goal is to align with best-in-class industry leaders who possess the business and clinical intelligence and tools that raise the bar and challenge the status quo to provide maximum value.”

Demand for value-based care in the oncology market continues to rise. Despite having to navigate the obstacles presented by the current oncology environment, FCS has attained a successful track record in the value-based care space and has made significant adjustments to its services and data collection tactics to improve quality measures and clinical outcomes.

“The launch of our MSO is yet another strategic pivot that will further support our endeavors in the value-based oncology market. Dependencies have been created with central services, clinic operations and physician members, where each will now be accountable for attaining financial and operational goals to support the newly established ecosystem,” said FCS Chief Development and Strategy Officer Josh Eaves.

“We anticipate issuing formal requests (RFPs) later this year to reassess our options for group purchasing and other critical services,” says Chadwick. “It is our responsibility to ensure that vendor relationships align with our standards of excellence and targets for achieving maximum savings and efficiencies.”

The newly established MSO will enable FCS to remain a leader in the constantly evolving oncology environment through enhanced, value-based oncology care and reinforcing financial stability. Through the delivery of a scaled suite of services to physicians, FCS is bringing a competitive platform to the ecosystem of oncology care in the US that will enhance access to care, bring more options for patients, and operate under patient-centric and value-focused principles.

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