February 09

February 2009

Dear CVS/pharmacy colleagues,

In January, our company launched the Maintenance Choice program, an innovative new pharmacybenefit that gives participating Caremark clients and their members unparalleled flexibility,convenience, and cost savings. This is particularly exciting, because Maintenance Choice is one of thefirst products we have introduced as a result of the merger of CVS and Caremark.

Maintenance Choice is a win for customers, clients, and our company. First, Caremark members havethe flexibility of choosing either CVS/pharmacy or Caremark Mail Order to obtain their 90-day supplyof medication, with the same copayment for either option. In addition, Caremark clients obtain thecost savings of a traditional mail-order plan with added convenience for their members. Finally, CVSCaremark can distinguish itself by creating cost-effective, innovative health solutions.

As a company committed to improving the quality of human life, we must continually push ourselvesto find new ways to meet our customers' needs, and our new Maintenance Choice program is a greatexample of that work. You and your pharmacy colleagues can provide a high level of support to yourcustomers by fully understanding the benefits of Maintenance Choice and how it works. If you havequestions about the program, please speak with your Pharmacy Supervisor.

Again, I want to thank you and the more than 20,000 pharmacists working for CVS for all you do forevery customer, every day. You are working hard to successfully build relationships with customers andphysicians. This year, let's build on that success and continue to deliver on the outstanding service ourcustomers have come to expect.


David W. Purdy, RPh

Vice President, Pharmacy Operations

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