EPS Releases 3 New Styles of Oral Syringes


Metric-only oral syringes meet ISMP recommendations.

Metric-only oral syringes meet ISMP recommendations.

EPS has released 3 new styles of oral syringes. All were designed with metric only markings, meeting the latest ISMP recommendations.

Eight sizes, ranging from 0.5 ml to 60 ml, are immediately available. Syringes are stocked in either clear — with orange or blue graduations – or in light-protecting, ultraviolet inhibitant amber with white graduations.

Accurate delivery of medication is assured by a rigid O-Ring plunger design. The plunger accurately aligns with the syringe’s graduation markings, allowing for clear visualization of fluid levels.

The syringe and plunger design provide a 10% longer stroke than other styles of oral syringes, ensuring precise accuracy of minute dosages. The offset medication port also aids in many enteral feeding applications.

Hands-free plugging tip caps are included with each case of syringes. The caps create an airtight, watertight seal, securing the syringe’s contents.

The cap’s self-righting design minimizes unnecessary handling and all EPS metric-only syringes are compatible with the company’s press-in bottle adapters.

For more information on the all EPS metric-only syringes, contact Robert Braverman or visit www.medidose.com.


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