NCPA Updates--January 2009


The National Community Pharmacists Association continues to offer educational opportunities for pharmacists, as well as seek their input on issues impacting the practice of pharmacy.

Interested in Buying or Selling a Pharmacy?

Prudential Consulting Broker Services (PCBS) is offering its full range of services to NCPA members interested in buying or selling a pharmacy. PCBS can help sellers determine a pharmacy’s market value and locate potential qualified buyers. PCBS also can assist buyers who need help obtaining financing, performing due diligence, or conducting an appropriate valuation and analysis of business operations and future performance. Whether representing the buyer or seller, PCBS will evaluate purchase offers and negotiate the purchase agreement and price.

Many so-called “brokers” and “consultants” are not legally licensed or insured to buy or sell a pharmacy. With PCBS, you will be working with a fully licensed commercial agent, registered pharmacist, and pharmacy industry specialist, Daniel J. Lannon, RPh. Contact Dan today for a free consultation.

PMIC Gives $250,000 Challenge Grant Pledge to NCPA Foundation

The NCPA Foundation is pleased to have received a $250,000 challenge grant pledge from Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company to support the foundation’s “Preserving the Legacy of Independent Pharmacy Campaign” to grow the Pruitt-Schutte Student Business Plan Competition endowment to $1 million by 2012. At this level, the endowment fund will support the annual operating expenses of the competition in perpetuity and therefore sustain its long-term viability.

“I would like to thank Pharmacists Mutual for stepping up with this strong commitment of support. Having served as a past board member of Pharmacists Mutual, this is particularly meaningful to me,” said Sharlea Leatherwood, RPh, NCPA Foundation president. “This challenge grant is just that—it means that NCPA and the NCPA Foundation are challenged to seek donors who will match this funding on a one-on-one basis, in order for us to realize the full benefit of this pledge. This also means that a donor’s contribution is doubled! The NCPA Foundation is focused on preserving the legacy of independent pharmacy, so what a better way to ensure that outcome than to help support this competition, which teaches pharmacy students about ownership.” For more information or to make a donation, visit

Time Is Running Out for Your DME Accreditation Application

CMS says, “You’re gambling with your Part B Billing Number if you don’t apply for accreditation by January 31, 2009.” Network Accreditation Services Inc. (NASI), a PRS Pharmacy Services affiliate company, provides a complete, cost-effective Turn-Key Pharmacy Accreditation Program. Groups representing more than 15,000 independent pharmacies have contracted with NASI to provide this incredible program to their members! To get started, call today at 866-606-3211, or visit the Web site at

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