Enhanced Side Effect Management Program Highlights Specialty Week in Review


Top stories of the week on Specialty Pharmacy Times from June 8-12.

Top stories of the week on Specialty Pharmacy Times from June 8-12.

Medicare Costs on the Rise for Older Oral Cancer Patients

Costs grow for people with oral cavity and pharyngeal cancers based on demographics, co-existing illnesses, and treatment selection.


Overhaul of Hepatitis C Screening Needed

Comprehensive screening guidelines needed for populations with multiple risk factors.


Improved Side Effect Management May Help Cancer Patients Remain on Therapy

Undertreated side effects in treatment of some colon and stomach cancers need to be addressed.


Gene Therapy With Herpes Virus Extends Survival in Advanced Brain Cancer Patients

Glioblastoma treatment with surgical resection may benefit patients with worst prognoses.


Multiple Myeloma Biologic Seeks FDA Approval

Drug is being evaluated for the treatment of patients who received at least 3 prior lines of therapy.


Overcoming Specialty Drug Cost Challenges

David D'Altorio, PharmD, senior vice president of health services at MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc, discusses methods to address the growing cost of specialty medications.


Variant Makes Chemotherapy Preferred Option for Some Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients

Men with AR-V7 variant more likely to be resistant to hormone drugs.


Specialty Pharmacy Makes Inroads in Urology Practice

Increasing number of urology practices working with specialty pharmacies.


Rare Blood Disorder Drug Approved for Kids

Promacta is the first and only oral thrombopoietin-receptor agonist that increases platelet production.


Early Quality of Life Care Lowers Overall Cancer Treatment Costs

Early palliative care reduces costs more than traditional treatment standards.


HIV-Infected Transgender Women Less Adherent to Medications

Study finds greater unmet needs for basic services compared with male patients.


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