Drug Channels Institute Launches New Learning Modules


New online learning tools aim to educate users about crucial pharmaceutical industry topics in 45 minutes or less.

New online learning tools aim to educate users about crucial pharmaceutical industry topics in 45 minutes or less.

The oft-quoted Adam J. Fein, PhD, president of Pembroke Consulting and CEO of Drug Channels, recently announced the launch of a new set of e-learning modules via his company, the Drug Channels Institute.

The modules, launched in concert with Paula Fein (paula@drugchannelsinstitute.com), vice president of business development at the Drug Channels Institute, cover a range of topics from within the pharmaceutical industry. The online learning tools are geared toward sales reps and field teams, internal teams hoping to “better understand their customers and channels,” or “anyone who wants to master the economics of the US pharmaceutical industry,” according to Fein.

The modules may be especially important for those interested in the burgeoning field of specialty pharmacy, as segments cover the business of specialty pharmacy, understanding pharmacy benefit managers, pharmaceutical wholesalers, and the evolution and structure of the pharmaceutical industry. Those interested in the segments can even sample 2 of the offerings: Economics of Provider-Administered Specialty Drugs and The Economics of Retail and Mail Pharmacies.

Much of the material in the modules references the data found in Fein’s yearly reports on the industry. The learning segments are designed to be useful training tools for those thinking about a career in specialty pharmacy or who need clarification on the inner workings of the drug distribution process.

“We created these modules to help people better understand the pharmaceutical industry’s economics,” Fein told Specialty Pharmacy Times. “The feedback has been really great, since there is nothing like these modules available on the market today. Online learning is an accessible and effective option for reaching a broad audience."

Screenshot of sample module from the Drug Channels Institute

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