Doorstep Delivery: CourMed Brings Medications to Patients


Technology solutions such as CourMed will allow better pharmacist-patient communication, adherence, and overall improved patient outcomes.

Patients often need their prescriptions where they are, whether that be at home, at work, or out with their family or friends; however, getting to the pharmacy is not a once-size-fits-all effort, since many patients struggle with transportation. That’s why CourMed is delivering health care items, such as medication, high-end vitamins, supplements, natural medicine such as pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol (CBD), and eyewear directly to patients via a crowdsourced network of drivers.

“We are in the encouraging people business,” co-founder Derrick L. Miles, said in a statement. “CourMed is more than an enterprise software and a crowdsourced network of medical couriers; we provide encouragement to each person that comes in contact with our platform.”

With this process, sensitive medical information is secure through the use of secure enterprise servers, encrypted software, and cloud computing. Furthermore, patients use SMS messaging to connect with their drivers and receive deliveries within the time frame of 10 am to 7 pm. All drivers are trained and HIPAA certified.

Customers, such as pharmacists, optometrists, and more are able to keep their patients informed on their home or office delivery through enterprise software. There is even real-time video consultations through CourMed CONNECT, which allows patients who cannot physically come to the pharmacy participate in live interactions with a health provider. Convenient same-day delivery coupled with accessibility to real-time personal consultation helps to elevate the level of care that patients receive.

“What keeps our delivery engine humming is our unique crowd-sourced driver pool,” Miles said. “We know that many retirees and stay-at-home parents desire some kind of part-time or flexible employment. These 2 core groups comprise the bulk of our drivers, because they also offer an intangible asset — their empathy to the patients.”

Technology solutions such as CourMed will allow better pharmacist-patient communication, adherence, and overall improved patient outcomes.


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