Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy CEO Joins NASP Board of Directors


The National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) announced Phil Hagerman, chief executive officer, Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy, has joined the NASP Board of Directors.

The National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) announced Phil Hagerman, chief executive officer, Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy, has joined the NASP Board of Directors. Diplomat has also joined NASP as a founding member.

"Specialty pharmacy is a rapidly growing sector of the pharmacy industry and I am honored to serve on the Board of an organization dedicated to building partnerships that will identify challenges and advance our common goals," Hagerman said. "Collaboration is essential to improving the care that our patients need and deserve."

Hagerman is a 1975 graduate of

Ferris State University

. The same year, he started Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy with his father,

Dale Hagerman

. Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy is now the nation's largest privately held specialty pharmacy, with revenues exceeding

$1.1 billion

in 2012.


December 2012

, Diplomat was highlighted as one of nation's top 100 job creators in Inc. magazine's inaugural Hire Power Awards. The company has also been on Inc. magazine's list of the nation's fastest-growing companies since 2008. Last year, the Detroit Free Press recognized Diplomat as one of


's top workplaces, reflecting Hagerman's commitment to retaining the company's positive work culture amid explosive growth.

Hagerman is a respected leader in both pharmacy and executive management circles. He was named one of 13 Michiganders to Watch in 2013 by MLive Media Group, a collaborative network of local and statewide


news outlets. In 2012, the White House Business Council and Business Forward invited Hagerman to attend a one-day forum on jobs and the economy. In 2010 he was named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the


and Northwest Ohio Region and in 2011 was named Grant Thornton Leader and Innovator of the Year by the Great Lakes Innovation and Technology Report. He also received the Blue Chip Award for Outstanding Business Practices from

the United States

Chamber of Commerce in 2000.

"Phil is an experienced and dedicated member of the specialty pharmacy industry and we are honored that he will contribute his vision and knowledge to the NASP Board of Directors," Gary Cohen, RPh, NASP founder and president, said. "He shares our strategic vision and will be a valuable addition to the NASP leadership."

Hagerman is a frequent speaker at state and national pharmacy conferences and reports on a variety of topics, including the changing role of the pharmacist under health reform, and developing and marketing a specialty pharmacy practice. He received the Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award from The Michigan Pharmacists Association in 1999.

Hagerman has worked as a consultant for the United States Department of Justice and served as an expert witness in cases of drug diversion. He is an adjunct instructor of Clinical Pharmacy for

Ferris State University

and received an honorary doctorate degree from

Baker College

of Flint in 2012.

NASP, founded in 2012, represents specialty pharmacy professionals in all practice settings and highlights the unique value its members bring to patients and the healthcare system by focusing on building collaboration among all industry associations to improve patient outcomes. Specialty pharmacy is the fastest growing segment in the industry today and NASP provides valuable benefits to members by creating a strong, unified voice for all stakeholders. Through the Specialty Pharmacy Education Center (SPEC), NASP will offer more than 300 hours of education specific to specialty pharmacy. SPEC will also provide education needed to earn and maintain professional certification through the Specialty Pharmacy Certification Board (SPCB).

Source: National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (www.nasprx.org)

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