Demand for Specialty Pharmacy Services Continues to Grow Rapidly


As more and more specialty pharmacies enter the marketplace, the need for a competitive edge based on performance and quality has never been greater.

As patients live longer with complex, multiple chronic conditions, the need for highly qualified specialty pharmacies to effectively manage their exacting medication needs has never been more critical. The advanced oral and infusible products required by this population demand the unique expertise and special handling only specialty pharmacies can provide. Through active patient and caregiver engagement and intensified medication oversight, specialty pharmacies help optimize care compliance, safety, and outcomes. The result is high quality, high value care that benefits all, with great potential for reducing costs.

“As more and more specialty pharmacies enter the marketplace, the need for a competitive edge based on performance and quality has never been greater,” stated Kylanne Green, URAC’s new president and chief executive officer. “There is a quantum leap between claiming to be a specialty pharmacy and actually performing like one. As the industry’s premier specialty pharmacy accreditor, URAC offers the independent validation of a specialty pharmacy’s full service capabilities and qualitative excellence that customers consider essential. URAC’s Specialty Pharmacy accreditation is the critical seal of approval health plans, insurers, employers, and government agencies rely on to ensure only the most highly qualified specialty pharmacies are included in their provider networks.”

URAC’s Specialty Pharmacy accreditation program includes review of the following key performance areas: comprehensive patient medication management, counseling, care coordination, a defined quality management program, and performance measures—all essential for assuring safe medication use, consumer protection, and the delivery of overall high quality care.

Testimonials from Industry Leaders on the Value of URAC Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation

  • Bill Sullivan, executive director of the Specialty Pharmacy Association of America (SPAARx): “Quality is at the core of the specialty pharmacy model, but does not come easily, especially when the lives and health of severely ill patients are at stake. Quality is achieved through assessment of each individual patient’s clinical and cognitive requirements and adherence to standards of care based on best practices, consistent policies, and procedures. Specialty pharmacies that achieve URAC accreditation demonstrate that commitment in every aspect of care management by monitoring and measuring their performance to ensure the best possible patient journey.”
  • Nick Calla, vice president of industry relations, Community Specialty Pharmacy Network: “More and more pharmacies are evolving to meet the medication and patient management needs of various disease states, such as hemophilia, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, AIDS, and cancer. Earning URAC’s Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation means you have met rigorous standards and are uniquely qualified to manage these complex medication therapies.”

Unprecedented Growth in Demand for URAC Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation

Since its launch in 2008, demand for URAC’s Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation Program has increased rapidly, with even greater growth projected for the years ahead. With health care reform and payers demanding maximum value for every health care dollar spent, the clear market advantage a URAC Specialty Accreditation conveys cannot be overstated. Specialty pharmacies accredited by URAC are amongst the best in the nation, setting a high bar for care quality and customer service. Customers know that an URAC accredited Specialty Pharmacy has undergone a rigorous top to bottom onsite review of every aspect of its operation and medication management and safety practices, and found highly qualified to deliver and oversee the comprehensive set of services that chronically ill patients require.

About URAC

URAC is a nationally recognized accreditation leader, with 30 accreditation programs spanning the healthcare spectrum, including its industry leading suite of pharmacy related programs. URAC accredited organizations are highly regarded market leaders, demonstrating a commitment to the highest standards of care excellence, quality, and customer service. URAC accreditation programs are recognized by 48 states and 6 federal agencies, including HHS’s approval to accredit health plans participating on Health Insurance Marketplaces established under the Affordable Care Act.

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