Daily Medication Pearl: Glipizide (Glucotrol)

Glipizide stimulates beta cells to produce more insulin in the body.

Medication Pearl of the Day: Glipizide (Glucotrol)

Indication: Glipizide is an oral blood-glucose-lowering drug of the sulfonylurea class.


  • Dosing: The recommended starting dose is 5 mg, given before breakfast. Geriatric patients or those with liver disease may be started on 2.5 mg.
  • Dosage forms: 5 mg and 10 mg
  • Adverse events: Includes gastrointestinal disturbances, erythema, low blood sugars, leukopenia, hyponatremia, dizziness, and drowsiness.
  • Mechanism of action: Glipizide stimulates the beta cells of the pancreas to produce more insulin in the body.
  • Manufacturer: Pfizer


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