CVS Implements Novel Electronic Health Record System in Specialty Pharmacies


Epic EHR system will be used among CVS Specialty Pharmacies.

CVS Health has announced they will be using Epic’s electronic health record (EHR) system for CVS Specialty’s care management programs. The use of the new system will better integrate and improve clinical processes for CVS Specialty, including Accordant, which provides care for patients with rare diseases, according to a press release.

Previously, the EPIC EHR System was only in CVS MinuteClinics, but will now also be used among the company’s specialty pharmacies.

"As the specialty pharmacy of choice for many payors and patients, we are focused on creating the most clinically advanced specialty pharmacy experience to help improve care and outcomes for our patients," said Alan Lotvin, MD, executive vice president of CVS Specialty. "We are pleased to transition our care management programs onto the Epic platform, which will enable immediate information sharing with other health care providers across the patient's entire care team. This connectivity is integral in providing the best possible, coordinated health."

EHRs are useful in offering providers immediacy, compared with traditional paper charts. It can provide health care providers with a patient’s medical history, diagnoses, current medications, and more. Various health care providers, including physicians, specialists, and pharmacists, can access a patient’s medical records in real-time to ensure they are being treated properly.

Epic is the most widely used EHR system among pharmacies in the United States. Transitioning to a new EHR system will support CVS Specialty’s evidence-based care management programs, and allow the pharmacies to connect with health care professionals who use the platform, according to the press release.

Epic is used by numerous health systems, hospitals, and physician groups. The EHR system exchanges 1.3 million records per day for thousands of organizations operating in national and regional networks, including hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers, CVS reported.

"By transitioning to the Epic EHR, we can further coordinate care across health care disciplines and settings, which promotes more effective and informed health care decision making," said Trip Hofer, president of Accordant.

Specialty pharmacy is a one of the fastest growing industries around the country. With the largest specialty pharmacy network, CVS Specialty provides complex services for patients with rare or complicated conditions. At these locations, patients can receive drug therapy management, dispensing, infusion services, customized support, and counseling, according to the press release.

Patients receive disease education, counseling, and benefits counseling to ensure that they are able to access the best care to achieve optimal outcomes. Implementing the EPIC EHR system further shows CVS Health’s commitment to treating patients with serious diseases.

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