CVS Health’s Transform Oncology Care Leads Patients with Late-Stage Cancer to Appropriate Treatment Plan


Transform Oncology Care uses results of broad-panel gene sequencing tests to help oncologists identify appropriate treatment regimens based on their patients clinical and genetic profiles.

CVS Health has announced the launch of Transform Oncology Care, a precision medicine strategy in oncology management for payers.

Many patients diagnosed with late-stage cancers can benefit from advanced genomic testing, yet very few eligible patients currently receive this testing, according to CVS. Without access to testing, patients be delayed on starting the most appropriate treatment, resulting in cancer progression and higher costs, according to the company press release.

Transform Oncology Care includes a precision medicine strategy that increases access to broad-panel gene sequencing tests for patients diagnosed with certain advanced stage cancers. These broad-panel tests identify a patient’s genomic variants and the therapeutic options specific to their molecular and clinical profile.

"Timing in cancer care is everything and when a patient does not get started on the right treatment it can result in progression and higher costs […] We are the first company working to make the latest in precision medicine accessible to more patients and further empower informed treatment decision-making based on a patient's genetic profile to give them the best chance for successful treatment and improved quality-of-life,” said Alan Lotvin, MD, executive vice president and chief transformation officer of CVS Health.

The technology uses the results of broad-panel gene sequencing testing and the latest National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) treatment and supportive care guidelines to help oncologists identify appropriate treatment regimens based on their patients’ clinical and genetic profiles.

Therapeutic regimens that align with NCCN guidelines will automatically receive prior authorization approval. In collaboration with Tempus, the test results will support oncologists in identifying an appropriate treatment regimen for their patients. This process will ultimately help them to decrease progression and reduce future unnecessary costs.

The program will also include:

  • A nurse-led management integrated with payers’ existing programs
  • Improved local access to screenings and prevention services offered at CVS HealthHUBs, CVS Pharmacy, and MinuteClinic locations
  • Value-based contracting with oncology providers to ensure high-quality care and lower costs.

Transform Oncology Care is also available to other health plans. Aetna has adopted the program for fully insured commercial populations and is introducing it to participating Aetna provider networks in 12 states.


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