Challenges and Opportunities

Specialty Pharmacy TimesNovember 2011
Volume 2
Issue 4

Specialty Pharmacy Times has been reaching our readers for just over a year now, and we take great pride in the fact that we are the only publication in this space that tackles the important topics in depth. Industry leaders have joined with us to share their key insights into what makes specialty pharmacy tick. Specialty pharmacy is the fastest growing sector in pharmacy today, and we are committed to bringing the players in this field what they need to be successful.

As Editor-in-Chief Dan Steiber, RPh, says in this issue, specialty pharmacy is both a profession and a business—and the constant need for rich information is keen in a changing world. That world is changing so fast, in fact, that our cover story discusses the current demand for more trained specialty pharmacists. Where will they get their training? How can real-world situations be a part of that training? We have seen that specialty pharmacists display an incredible entrepreneurial spirit that will surely find a solution to this workforce dilemma. In fact, I’m certain specialty pharmacists will thrive and rise to the challenges in the coming years. Our mission at Specialty Pharmacy Times is to serve as a guide for the challenges and opportunities you face.

In today’s climate, where companies of every size are forced to maneuver through government’s mazes—especially in the health care arena—it is important for individuals to maintain their balance and sense of responsibility. Specialty pharmacists are doing this in many ways with the programs they have put in place to help patients receive the specialty pharmaceuticals they need to tackle complex and chronic conditions. In each issue, we bring you “Specialty Speaks” by Nicholas Karalis, RPh, co-owner of Elywn Specialty Care and a founding member of the Community Specialty Pharmacy Network, to bring to life the realities of working with patients who need this unique, special care.

Because specialty pharmacy involves such complex health issues and revolves around a community of professionals from a wide variety of fields, cooperation and collaboration are pivotal to success. To that end, we’ve called on leaders from the industry to help make Specialty Pharmacy Times relevant, timely, and a must-read. Your response has been terrific, so we plan to bring this unique journal to your door 6 times next year. You can also access Specialty Pharmacy Times on your iPad as well as online with a brand-new, enhanced Web site—

Thank you for reading!

Mike Hennessy

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