CD2 Molecule Can Improve Cancer Recognition in Natural Killer Cells


CD2 is necessary for potent adaptive NK cells.

A new study found that the molecule CD2 can simulate natural killer (NK) cell response to therapeutic antibodies. NK cells are cytotoxic lymphocytes that have the potential kill cancerous cells.

Researchers conducted a large collaborative study and discovered the co-stimulatory molecule CD2 is essential for the functional responses of a more potent type of NK cells called adaptive NK cells, according to the study published by the University of Oslo Faculty of Medicine.

According to the study, ligation of CD2 increased the signaling pathways downstream of 2 important activating receptors expressed by NK cells.

Researchers said that reaction between CD2 and other activating receptors in adaptive NK cells could possibly lead to increasing NK cell function in treatments against cancer.

"We are currently exploring these new biological insights in the design of a protocol for the next generation cell therapy against cancer," Karl-Johan Malmberg, MD, PhD, co-author of the study, concluded.

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