Pharmacy Careers Gives Pharmacy Students an Edge


Pharmacy Times recently announced the release of the Spring 2010 issue of Pharmacy Careers, the biannual journal that offers pharmacy students invaluable information and advice for successfully navigating the transition from pharmacy school to the workforce. The latest issue offers resume guidance, interview tips, and detailed information on the current job market that are tailored to the needs of pharmacy students.

In “Job Search Navigation Skills: Understanding Today’s Economic Lay of the Land,” Pharmacy Careers guides students through the process of choosing a career path and landing a job in the current economy. Pharmacy Careers profiles 7 different career paths in pharmacy—from community pharmacy to health systems pharmacy to government pharmacy—to help students make the best career choice for themselves.

Pharmacy Times editor-in-chief Fred Eckel, RPh, MS, notes that pharmacy students are entering the field during “revolutionary times,” with issues such as health care reform and medication therapy management poised to change the profession. With Pharmacy Careers, pharmacy students can stay informed on all the latest developments in the job market and in the pharmacy field.

Available for the first time in a bright and attractive queen size, the Pharmacy Careers Spring 2010 issue gives students a snapshot of the current job market for pharmacists. Pharmacy Careers illustrates the demand for pharmacists nationwide with a color-coded map of the United States and also provides an in-depth case study of the current pharmacy job market.

This issue also includes 2 exciting technology sections that are new to Pharmacy Careers and can help pharmacy students in this digital age—“App Wrap” and “Gadget Guide.” Students can look to Pharmacy Careers to help them find the newest technological devices and smartphone applications designed for pharmacists that will enhance their academic, personal, and professional lives.

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