Top 10 Reasons to Advocate for Your Pharmacy Profession

Pharmacy Careers, Volume 0, 0

Ms. Kasliwal is a 2010 PharmD Candidate at University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, and a Howard Sternheim Summer Intern at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores Foundation.

  • You are the expert. It is your job to inform others about how much you know. 
  • Show pride in your profession! You have invested a lot of time into studying and building your proficiency in the field of pharmacy—let it show! 
  • Your patients are counting on you. You have contact with patients on a daily basis. Let legislators know that your job is to care for their constituents. 
  • The law does not stand still?neither should you! Be aware of changes to laws and regulations, and influence legislation by offering your opinion. 
  • Build your professional network. Advocacy efforts are great opportunities to network with professionals both within and outside of the pharmacy world. 
  • Have your voice heard. Legislators want your vote. They will listen if you speak up. 
  • Advocacy is personally rewarding. Teaching others about something you are passionate about can be very rewarding! 
  • Do not be left out! Keep up-to-date on health care issues by reading professional journals, newspapers, and association Web sites and newsletters. 
  • If you do not, who will? You cannot rely on others to advocate for you. All of us have the time—and responsibility—to contribute to the future of our profession. 
  • The future of your profession depends on you! Your leadership and initiative today will determine what you and your fellow pharmacists can and will do in the future.