Can You Read These Rxs?

Pharmacy TimesJune 2014 Women's Health
Volume 80
Issue 6

Gretchen Schoening, PharmD, of Walgreens Pharmacy in Savage, Minnesota, was stumped by this scribbled script. A call to the prescriber’s office cleared it up.

Can you read this Rx?

Rx 2

Marie Barone, RPh, of Shoprite Pharmacy in Jackson, New Jersey, must have thought she was reading a different language when she saw this script. A follow-up with the prescriber produced a clear translation.

Can you guess what this Rx says?

Rx 3

When Jennifer Parrish, PharmD, pharmacy manager at a Walgreens in Pennsylvania, received this prescription, she and her staff were stumped. A call to the prescribing physician’s office provided the necessary clarification.

Can you figure it out?

Rx 4

When Alfred Lawson, RPh, staff pharmacist at a Rite Aid Pharmacy in Fredericksburg, Virginia, saw this prescription, he found it a bit of a challenge to decipher.

Do you know what it says?


Rx 1: Normal saline nasal solution, 3 sprays in each nostril TID

Rx 2: Minocin 100 mg QD #30; Cutivate cream apply QD 30 g

Rx 3: The Rx is for 2 sisters, H— — and S— —. Elixir of decadron 90 cc: H— — is to take 0.75 tsp 3 times a day for 6 days and S— — is to take 1 tsp 3 times a day for 6 days

Rx 4: Flexeril 10 mg #30, sig 1 PO bedtime PRN

Read the answers

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Send in your eye-straining, baffling prescriptions—now via e-mail and fax as well as regular mail! Submissions must include a clean photocopy or scanned image of the Rx; your institution’s name and location; your name and title; the correct name of the drug(s), strength, and dosing requirements; and your phone number. You can e-mail scanned Rxs to kmckay@pharmacytimes .com; fax them to 609-257-0701; or mail them to Can You Read These Rxs?, Pharmacy Times, 666 Plainsboro Road, Suite 300, Plainsboro, NJ 08536.

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