Breakthrough Hepatitis C Drug Highlights Specialty Pharmacy Week in Review


A look back at the top stories of the week on Specialty Pharmacy Times from April 27 to May 1.

A look back at the top stories of the week on Specialty Pharmacy Times from April 27 to May 1.

Treatment May Prevent Development of Multiple Sclerosis

Blocking production of specific immune cell protects against onset of MS.

Sofosbuvir/Daclatasvir Combination Effective in Hepatitis C Treatment

Therapy shows promise in treatment of hepatitis C genotype-1 mono-infected patients.

Health Insurance Coverage for Cancer Varies by Demographics, Cancer Type

Highest uninsured rates found in patients with testicular, stomach, and cervical cancers.

Delaying Hepatitis C Treatment Increases Death Risk

Delays can negatively affect treatment efficacy and the risk of morbidity and mortality among patients.

New Drugs Fight Root Cause of Multiple Sclerosis

Two new drugs showed significant reversal of disease severity.

Melanoma Drug Benefits Some Lung Cancer Patients

BRAF mutations commonly found in melanoma also seen in subset of lung cancer patients.

Experimental Hepatitis C Drug Shows 95% Cure Rates in Previously Untreated Patients

Merck’s once-daily treatment regimen of grazoprevir and elbasvir may bring added competition to HCV drug market.

Breakthrough Causes Cancer Cells to Turn Back into Normal Cells

Introduction of protein to pancreatic cancer cells causes them to revert back to normal.

Specialty Pharmacy Times Partners with National Association of Specialty Pharmacy to Improve Care for Patients

Partnership will inform and educate industry stakeholders and policymakers about the unique demands specialty medicines place on pharmacies pharmacists and patients.

High Cost Rheumatoid Arthritis Drugs Create Large Burden for Patients

Nearly 30% of total biologic drug costs paid out-of-pocket.

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