Breakthrough Cancer Treatment Highlights Specialty Pharmacy Week in Review


Top stories of the week on Specialty Pharmacy Times from May 11 to May 15.

Top stories of the week on Specialty Pharmacy Times from May 11 to May 15.

Alcohol Use Disorder Stronger Predictor of Mortality than Hepatitis C Infection

Study finds chronic hepatitis C has a limited impact on mortality unless the patient has other severe comorbidities.

Combination of Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy Shows Promise in Prostate Cancer

Treating immune-suppressing cells allows for destruction of tumors.

Big Win for Pharmacist Provider Status in Washington State

Legislation affects the Every Category of Health Care Providers law requiring commercial health plans to include every category of provider within a participating provider network.

Statin Use Strongly Linked to Diabetes in Healthy Adults

Taking statins associated with greater likelihood of developing diabetes with complications.

New Combination Strategy Shows Promise in Glioblastoma Treatment

Targeting gene mutations causes stress that damages cancer cell DNA.

Discovery May Speed Up Targeted Cancer Therapy

Mass spectrometry reveals all proteins that repair damaged cancer DNA.

Various Factors Cause Hot Flashes in Prostate Cancer Patients

Age and weight found to play a role in side effects.

Hepatitis C Drug Combination Shows Strong Efficacy With or Without Cirrhosis

Direct-acting-antiviral drugs daclatasvir, asunaprevir, and beclabuvir showed high rates of sustained virologic response after 12 weeks.

Silicon Microparticles Dramatically Boost Efficacy of Breast Cancer Vaccines

Particles protected antigen from premature destruction and prompted the immune system to attack cancer cells.

Interferon-Free Therapy Shows High Cure Rates in Hepatitis C Patients with Cirrhosis

Investigational 3-drug combination cleared the virus in 93% of treatment-naïve patients.

Quick Approval of High Cost Cancer Drugs Don’t Benefit Patients

Study warns that drug reviewers don’t look at long term survival of patients.

Generic Transplant Drugs as Effective as Brand Name Treatment

Promising results from generic formulation of drug used post-transplant to reduce the risk of organ rejection.

The Impact from the Economic Burden of Cancer on Survivorship

Excess medical expenses, employment disability, and a drop in production at work common in cancer survivors.

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