Bovine Collagen May Preserve, Restore Soft Tissue for Moderately, Heavily Exudating Wounds


Soft tissue reconstruction solutions can leverage a patient’s natural healing response.

An absorbent matrix of type I and type III bovine collagen in the form of fibrillar collagen packs (NIVIS Fibrillar Collagen Pack; TELA Bio) may help to preserve and restore soft tissue for moderately to heavily exudating wounds, while also controlling minor bleeding.1

“Surgical wound management can be a source of concern, especially in patients considered higher risk for complications,” said Michael Sawyer, general surgeon at Comanche County Memorial Hospital, in a recent press release. “While there are various options to treat these patients, I’m encouraged by both the handling and initial clinical utility I’ve experienced with NIVIS.”1

Generally, the body can heal minor wounds easily, but wounds require care to prevent infection and promote quicker healing.2 Collagen—being the most abundant protein in the human body—has an important function in protecting and healing wounds.3 Collagen attracts fibroblasts (which produce more collagen) to the wound, in effect supporting new blood vessel and tissue formation.3

Type I and type III collagen have a close bearing to native collagen in human skin. A fibrillar collagen pack facilitates new tissue development through the stimulation of cellular activity—type III collagen is particularly successful at controlling wound contraction and scar deposition during the healing process.1

Fibrillar collagen packs can be used to manage moderately to heavily exudating wounds, such as pressure ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, diabetic ulcers, acute wounds, trauma, and surgical wounds, and partial-thickness burns. It is also indicated to control minor bleeding.1

Adverse events include allergic or immunological reaction, and in isolation have caused transitory pain, bleeding, blistering, swelling, and redness.1

Collagen dressings encourage a moist environment that allow new collagen fibers and tissue to promote wound healing.3 Dressing also allow the body’s natural collagen to become more readily available for tissue growth during healing.3

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