Axium Healthcare Pharmacy Officially Releases OnePlace Patient Therapy Management Web Portal


Axium Healthcare Pharmacy, one of the nation's largest independent specialty pharmacy providers, announced the official release of its highly-anticipated OnePlace patient therapy management web portal.

Axium Healthcare Pharmacy, one of the nation's largest independent specialty pharmacy providers, announced the official release of its highly-anticipated OnePlace patient therapy management web portal.

OnePlace, the successor to Axium’s previous therapy management portal, was recently redesigned to make life simpler for treating physicians and nurses to manage prescriptions, lab schedules, side effects and compliance of patients undergoing complex therapies like oncology, rheumatology and Hepatitis C, among many others, through a single, secure web-based location—OnePlace.

Patients too have an instantaneous connection to their treating healthcare professionals with the OnePlace patient access portal. OnePlace allows them to make prescription refill requests, track discrete medication shipments and set medication reminders, simply and easily with just a few mouse clicks.

The decision to redesign Axium’s popular portal, which is used by thousands physicians, nurses and patients, was twofold. Enhancements found in OnePlace were inspired by feature requests by portal users. They were also made to support the growing “patient-first” movement, which is intended to universally increase the accessibility and quality of healthcare to patients in all specialties.

"OnePlace plays a significant role in Axium’s patient-first approach to therapy management," explained Axium Healthcare Pharmacy’s president and CEO, Mark Montgomery. "Physicians, nurses, and patients are demanding more technology-enabled care for real-time monitoring and on-the-go therapy management. And, we listened. Simply, OnePlace makes their lives easier and we feel good about that."

Physician Features

OnePlace features in the physician portal are numerous and offer some of the most highly-demanded capabilities requested by healthcare professionals including the ability to manage lab schedules. Key features of the easy-to-use OnePlace, which has been proven to significantly reduce paperwork, phone calls and other administrative tasks for healthcare professionals, include the following:

  • Real-time tracking and management of patients, prescriptions and progress fromone location
  • Tracking of Axium-referred patient prescriptions at any pharmacy
  • Monitoring of patient compliance and adherence
  • Management of lab schedules and patient profiles
  • Data can be easily printed, charted and exported to electronic medical records (EMR)
  • Secure and HIPAA compliant
  • Free of charge for Axium prescribers

Beta trial users of OnePlace have reported notable improvements in patient compliance since having adopted the web portal as a patient management tool. "OnePlace actually helped us increase patient compliance by 28% over the first 3 months of using it," explained a member of a Central Florida based rheumatology practice. "The fact that our patients can be more proactive in monitoring their own progress online seems to have made a tremendous difference in their participation and has made our jobs much easier."

Patient Benefits

OnePlace makes it possible for patients to securely manage their therapy progress anytime and anywhere, and most importantly—discretely. Patients can monitor and manage the following tasks:

  • Place refill orders
  • Track shipments
  • Set medication reminders
  • Make payments for prescriptions
  • View prescription history
  • Speak to a pharmacist through secure email—anytime
  • Access the portal in Spanish

To learn more about Axium's OnePlace web portal for physicians, nurses and patients, or to securely register for free, visit or contact the company for a personal demonstration at 1.888.315.3395. To see how Axium makes life easier for physicians, nurses and patients, view this comprehensive demo video now:

About Axium Healthcare Pharmacy

Axium Healthcare Pharmacy, Inc is a nationwide clinical specialty pharmacy provider with expertise in managing patients on complex therapies and specialty medication distribution. As one of the nation's leading specialty pharmacies, Axium Healthcare Pharmacy, Inc provides comprehensive therapy- management programs as well as injectable and oral pharmaceutical treatments for hepatitis C, multiple sclerosis, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, growth hormone deficiency plus others. The company also offers its exclusive HIPAA compliant OnePlace web portal for real-time treatment management for health care providers and their patients. For more information, contact Axium Healthcare Pharmacy at 888.315.3395 or visit

SOURCE: Axium Healthcare Pharmacy

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