Avella Unveils Two Apps with Specialty Drug Prescription Guidance for Healthcare Providers


Avella Specialty Pharmacy has launched two innovative apps to help providers select the most appropriate specialty drug options for hepatitis C and oncology patients.


Phoenix, Ariz. —

Avella Specialty Pharmacy

launched two innovative apps to help providers select the most appropriate specialty drug options for hepatitis C and oncology patients. These complimentary, easy-to-use mobile medication guides are the first of their kind in the specialty drug industry, and allow providers to access prescribing information for a wide variety of medications—regardless of manufacturer—all in one place, right from their phone.

Hepatitis C Mobile App:

Avella’s expanded

hepatitis C app

encompasses a variety of medications: Daklinza™, Harvoni®, Olysio®, Sovaldi®, Viekira Pak®, Technivie®, and Zepatier™.

Providers begin the treatment selection process by choosing the patient’s genotype. This step is critical since many hepatitis C medications are indicated for use only in patients with specific genotypes. Providers then enter the patient’s treatment experience and other considerations, and a screen appears with a medication’s dose, duration, virologic response rate and clinical study data.The app also provides access to the American Liver Foundation’s Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) fibrosis score calculator.

“Having access to all of this prescribing information in an easy-to-use app streamlines the process of identifying optimal treatment recommendations,” said Kevin Prince, M.D., Internal Medicine, UMC of Southern Nevada and an Avella Customer.

Oncology Mobile App:


oncology app

uses a similar decision-support process to help providers determine appropriate medications for many types of cancer.

Providers can search by medication or disease state to get information for 70+ medications, including each drug’s FDA indication, formulation, dosing, monitoring parameters and key counseling points.

Both apps offer links to industry news and resources along with copay and financial assistance programs, and make it easy to connect with an Avella account manager and download prescription referral forms.

Avella’s clinical leadership provided oversight of the development of the apps and their expertise will drive continuous updates as new FDA-approved treatment options become available.

“Given the significant growth of new specialty drugs options made available over the last several years, providers are spending much of their time sorting through the volumes of research and prescribing information that come along with these innovative medications,”said

Rebecca M. Shanahan

, CEO of Avella Specialty Pharmacy. “Avella saw this challenge as an opportunity to offset much of the work involved in this process for our provider partners while helping patients benefit from the most effective treatment options."

New specialty drugs are gaining FDA approval with increasingly frequency, making it much more complex for providers looking to identify the best therapies based on each individual’s unique health status, disease progression and treatment needs. In 2015 alone, 19 new oncology medications and two new therapies for hepatitis C were approved by the FDA.

Hepatitis C Mobile App: https://www.avella.com/hepatitis-mobile-app

Oncology Mobile App: https://www.avella.com/oncology-mobile-app

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