Avella Ranks Extremely High in Patient Satisfaction According to Surveys Performed by a Leading Research Firm

Avella just announced the release of patient satisfaction data, which documents the overwhelmingly positive experience that customers have had with the national specialty pharmacy.


Avella just announced the release of patient satisfaction data, which documents the overwhelmingly positive experience that customers have had with the national specialty pharmacy. The overall level of satisfaction with Avella reached 4.74 out of 5. This satisfaction rate is in the 71st percentile when compared to other healthcare organizations that are proactively conducting surveys through the same research group used by Avella.

To collect this data, SullivanLuallin Group—a California-based research firm—distributed surveys to over 4,000 of Avella’s national distribution facility patients and analyzed data based on an 18% response rate. In addition to the overall satisfaction scores, Avella met or exceeded 95% satisfaction scores as indicated by an “excellent” or “very good” rankings with regard to patient privacy, staff courtesy, staff professionalism and ease of refills. Survey results were gathered through a variety of closed and open-ended questions that focused on patient experience, staff performance, ongoing communication, and clinical support.

“These survey scores are a cumulative result of all the efforts we’ve undertaken to go above and beyond to serve our customers,” said Rebecca M. Shanahan, CEO. “We are relentlessly dedicated to excellence in these endeavors, whether it comes in the form of providing intensive training to our team members on how to best support our customers or leveraging new technology to offer greater patient convenience.”

To that end, Avella’s focus on providing premier service and support can be seen throughout a wide variety of initiatives that the company has undertaken in the last several years. These efforts include developing online and mobile apps with refill and medication-related functionality, working with third-parties to secure financial assistance and prior authorizations that lower drug costs, and providing innovative technology that helps patients take their medication on time and as directed.

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Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Avella Specialty Pharmacy is a National Accredited Specialty Pharmacy, providing individualized care and support to patients since 1996. Avella's clinical pharmacists and staff members are experts in managing complex disease states and providing compassionate care. The company offers a nationwide distribution service to complement its retail locations. Avella reached 1,105th on Inc. magazine's 2013 list of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the country. In addition, the Arizona Corporate Excellence Awards has named Avella Specialty Pharmacy as the fastest-growing private company based in the state. For more information, please visit www.avella.com.

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