Authorized Generic Hep C Treatments Top SPT Week in Review

Top news of the week from Specialty Pharmacy Times.

5. House Lawmakers Pass Bills to Prohibit Pharmacy Gag Clauses

A federal bill that would lift ‘gag clauses’ prohibiting pharmacists from sharing prescription drug prices with customers was unanimously passed by the House of Representatives Tuesday. Read more.

4. Anti-Inflammatory Diet Lowers All-Cause Mortality Risk

Diets high in foods such as vegetables, fruit, and healthy fats found to lower the risk of death from all causes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Read more.

3. Current Pipeline Absent of New Vaccines for HIV, Other Infectious Diseases

Financial modeling tool shows research and development lacking of new vaccine candidates for HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria. Read more.

2. Biosimilars Action Plan: There's No Better Time Than Now

Several hurdles remain for biosimilars to flourish in the US market. Read more.

1. Gilead to Launch Authorized Generic Versions of Hepatitis C Treatments

Officials with Gilead Sciences, Inc. plan to launch authorized generic versions of Epclusa and Harvoni. Read more.