Ateb Announces Pharmacy Quality Alliance Appointments



Ateb officials receive maximum appointments to help develop PQA measure concepts

(April, 2015) Raleigh, N.C. — Ateb, the industry’s leading provider of pharmacy patient care solutions, today announced their continued relationship with the Pharmacy Quality Alliance and appointments of four Ateb pharmacists to the PQA’s measure development teams and stakeholder advisory panels for 2015.

The Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) is a non-profit organization that promotes appropriate medication use and develops strategies for safety performance measures. The PQA is the recognized leader in the development of quality metrics related to safe and appropriate medication use, with many of their measures used by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for the Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Program.

Ateb has been a long-standing member of the Pharmacy Quality Alliance and a licensee of PQA Quality Measures. As a licensed organization, Ateb has permission to use current PQA specifications within its products and services. They also have access to the most recently updated technical specifications and National Drug Code lists, as well as PQA technical support.

“Once again this year, Ateb will play an important role in the measure developments of the Pharmacy Quality Alliance,” said Frank Sheppard, founder and CEO of Ateb. “Ateb’s appointments to the PQA measure development teams, as well as contributions to the stakeholder advisory panels, reflect the outstanding reputation of Ateb’s pharmacists and Ateb’s commitment to the industry. These measures developed by the PQA teams are used for Star Ratings, and our pharmacies and healthcare payers will greatly benefit from Ateb’s ongoing alignment with the PQA.”

Ateb received the maximum number of appointments to PQA measure development teams this year, with company representation on four of the 10 teams. The teams are made up of PQA members who have applied to work on specific measures based on their individual strengths and experience. Below is a list of the Ateb pharmacists, their positions within Ateb, and the measure concept development teams for 2015:

  • Appointee: Mark Gregory, RPh

Ateb Position: VP Health Solutions

MDT #3: MTM-Part D: Use of Patient Satisfaction Survey following CMR Completion

  • Appointee: Robb Ayshford, RPh, MBA

Ateb Position: VP Chain Strategic Solutions

MDT #5: Primary Medication Non-Adherence (PMN) - For Health Plans

  • Appointee: Rebecca Chater, RPh, MPH, FAPhA

Ateb Position: Executive Healthcare Strategist

MDT #6: Hospital and/or ED Utilization Related to ADEs

  • Appointee: Bob Mernar, RPh

Ateb Position: Privacy Officer

MDT #9: MTM-Part D: Specific Drug Therapy Problem (DTP) Resolution

In addition to being appointed to MDT #6, Rebecca Chater was appointed to the PQA Immunization Task Force and was selected to co-chair Stakeholder Advisory Panel C. This advisory panel will oversee the following measure concepts:

  • Hospital and/or ER Utilization related to ADEs
  • Triple Threat: Concomitant Use of Opioids, Benzodiazepines and Muscle Relaxants
  • Gap in Therapy — Medications Used to Treat Glaucoma

Ateb is recognized as the leading national provider of medication synchronization solutions to independent and chain pharmacies with more than 500,000 active pharmacy patients nationwide. Our strong team of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians help Ateb blend the integration of technology, pharmacy operations, and analytics into robust, operationally effective solutions for customers.

About Ateb:

Ateb is the trusted source for independent and chain pharmacies seeking measurable patient care solutions that improve pharmacy performance and patient outcomes. Ateb’s patented technologies and robust analytics provide pharmacies with real proof of performance regarding patient care outcomes that generate new revenue streams.

Ateb’s proprietary blend of technology, analytics, workflow solutions and data integration is focused on driving healthy outcomes for patients, pharmacies, and payers. For more information, please visit

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