Artemetrx Introduces Specialty Drug Advisor for Benefit Plan Sponsors


The first comprehensive consulting solution for integrated specialty drug management.

The first comprehensive consulting solution for integrated specialty drug management.

Artemetrx Specialty Drug Solutions, LLC, a national leader in the management of specialty drugs, this week announced the launch of their specialty drug consulting solution, Specialty Drug Advisor, which provides plan sponsors with the advanced analytics, specialty drug expertise, and proprietary technology to manage specialty drug spend across both the pharmacy and medical benefit.

These services, the first-of-its-kind in the marketplace, assist employers, labor groups, and health insurance plans in controlling specialty spend, reducing clinically inappropriate use, managing reimbursement, optimizing sites of care, and auditing vendor performance through data-driven identification and review.

“Benefit management and consulting models must evolve to keep pace with the primary source of increased drug spend—specialty drugs, which bring with them a host of unique and complex coverage issues.” Said Brenda Motheral, PhD, President of Artemetrx. “Larger plan sponsors, typically those with 10,000 covered lives or more, will see a significant return on investment by working with our specialty drug experts. Over the past two years, we have advised more than 50 plan sponsors across the U.S. to identify and capture specialty drug savings, which range from 10% to more than 20% of overall specialty spend.”

The Specialty Drug Advisor offering, an expansion of Artemetrx’s flagship Specialty DiagnosticTM, is flexible and can range from individual initiatives to a complete transformation service with ongoing vendor and program monitoring. Specific features of this new offering from Artemetrx include:

  • Integrated Pharmacy and Medical Specialty Diagnostic TM for ongoing integrated claims review to identify savings opportunities, develop actionable strategies, and evaluate performance.
  • Specialty MonitorTM web-based reporting tool that provides users with a comprehensive view of specialty drug spend across the pharmacy and medical benefit, and includes reimbursement, clinical, and site of care reporting.
  • Specialty Pipeline PlannerTM to proactively evaluate the economic impact of management options for specialty drugs that are new to the market.
  • Vendor Audit and Oversight to review health plan and PBM performance and to uncover billing errors and other claims payment integrity issues for specialty drugs.
  • Site of Care Optimization to proactively identify and promote use of the most cost-effective specialty providers across pharmacy and medical.

As part of the Specialty Drug Advisor launch, Artemetrx will offer two educational opportunities for plan sponsors in February, the white paper, Specialty Drug Savings: What Have We Learned?, and the webinar, The Economics of Hepatitis C Drug Coverage Options, to be held on Thursday, February 26, 11:30 a.m. CST. Register for the webinar at


About Artemetrx Specialty Drug Solutions

Based in Brentwood, TN, Artemetrx Specialty Drug Solutions is a national firm working with clients across the U.S. to provide advanced analytics, consulting, and customized solutions to help plan sponsors better control specialty drug spend and improve the quality of care. With industry-recognized analytics and clinical experts steeped in specialty knowledge, Artemetrx offers technology and clinical-based solutions to deliver significant cost savings for specialty drugs across the pharmacy and medical benefit. The company offers these services to a variety of health care organizations, plan sponsors, and the members they serve.

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SOURCE: Artemetrx Specialty Drug Solutions

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