Armada to Launch Specialty Pharmacy Workflow Platform

New software platform will complement existing pharmacy software and optimize patient management.

New software platform will complement existing pharmacy software and optimize patient management.

Armada Health Care is launching an integrated web-based software platform that optimizes specialty pharmacy operations, prescription workflow and overall patient management.

Armada has developed this new platform to seamlessly integrate with pharmacy dispensing systems and workflows used by specialty pharmacies across the country.

"Our new platform is the convergence of Armada's existing suite of technology products into one comprehensive solution. It will address specialty pharmacies' complex needs, including Pharma/biotech data reporting requirements, the prior authorization process, compliance tracking and other operational challenges they face on a daily basis," stated Lawrence Irene, Chief Executive Officer, Armada Health Care.

Key features include a seamless interface for onboarding specialty patients, streamlined management for prior authorizations, connectivity with co-pay and patient assistance programs and ongoing clinical consultation and compliance monitoring. Other benefits include prescription transfer management and real-time data reporting for Pharma/biotech manufacturers, health plans, prescribers and other industry partners.

"Armada understands the complexities of fulfilling specialty prescriptions and is pleased to provide this integrated technology platform to our specialty pharmacy partners to help facilitate efficient workflow and high-touch patient care," Irene continued.

Dynamic data reporting available by utilizing the new system will include robust business intelligence, prescription status information, manufacturer reporting, time-to-fill metrics, medication possession ratio analysis, operational insights and other essential pharmacy management and productivity reports.

The details and formal announcement will come at the Annual Armada Specialty Pharmacy Summit scheduled for May 4-8 in Las Vegas.


About Armada Health Care

Armada Health Care, LLC (Armada) is the industry's largest specialty pharmacy group contracting and service organization. Armada provides comprehensive and cost-effective access to the nation's $100+ billion specialty pharmacy industry. Armada offers pharmacy providers, manufacturers, health plans and wholesale distributors a total channel management solution through customized patient programs, prescription data management services, online platforms, including unique and cost effective purchasing agreements on specialty pharmacy products. Armada is also the founder and host of the nation's largest annual specialty pharmacy summit. For more information, visit Armada at or follow @ArmadaRx on Twitter.

SOURCE: Armada Health Care

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