Armada Health Care and SPAARx to Work with the AMCP on Appropriate Use and Management of Specialty Drugs

Armada Health Care and the Specialty Pharmacy Association of America (SPAARx) today announced their support of 2 key initiatives of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP).

Armada Health Care (Armada), the largest specialty pharmacy channel management organization, and the Specialty Pharmacy Association of America (SPAARx), the largest national association representing the broad interests of the specialty pharmacy industry, today announced their support of 2 key initiatives of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP), a national professional association of pharmacists and other health care practitioners who develop and provide clinical, educational and business management services and strategies on behalf of the over 200 million Americans covered by a managed care pharmacy benefit.

Armada and SPAARx will have a strong presence at the AMCP 2013 Nexus conference, to be held October 15-18, 2013, in San Antonio, Texas. The two organizations will be the lead sponsors of its Specialty Pharmacy Track; both will also participate as exhibitors. AMCP Nexus 2013 will bring together managed care authorities and thought leaders to examine the challenges in providing optimal health care and identify solutions.

Armada Healthcare and SPAARx are working with AMCP on a program related to biosimilars targeted for later this year. Introduction of biosimilars is important to managed care pharmacy and other stakeholders, and there are significant needs in preparing the US market for their use.

Each organization will also work on identifying key policy issues critical to the future of specialty pharmacy and managed care. Where appropriate and shared interests exist, SPAARx and AMCP will undertake advocacy efforts to influence policy-making by federal and state legislators, as well as regulatory agencies.

"Our goal is to develop a strong working relationship with AMCP that would create new opportunities for the membership of each organization," said Lawrence Irene, Armada CEO. "The lines between managed care and specialty pharmacy have never been closer and we welcome the opportunity to work closely with AMCP, a long-established organization recognized as a thought leader for managed care and national health care policy. We anticipate these immediate cooperative activities will lead to additional long-term efforts focused on bringing value to the entire specialty pharmacy industry and positively impacting the future of specialty pharmacy in managed care."

The Armada network includes National, Regional and Independent specialty pharmacies that dispense hi-touch, high-cost biologics and other specialty medications.

SPAARx has grown rapidly, having over 450 specialty pharmacy organizations that represent almost 4,000 individuals from all segments of the specialty pharmacy industry, including specialty pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and other healthcare entities.

About Armada:

Armada Health Care, LLC (Armada) is the industry's largest specialty pharmacy group purchasing and contracting organization. Armada provides comprehensive and cost effective access to the nation's $100 billion specialty pharmacy industry. Armada offers pharmacy providers, manufacturers, health plans and wholesale distributors a total channel management solution through customized patient programs, prescription-data-management services, online platforms and unique purchasing agreements on specialty pharmacy products. To learn more about Armada Health Care, please visit

About SPAARx

The Specialty Pharmacy Association of America (SPAARx) is a free-standing, national organization, representing the interests of the specialty pharmacy industry. SPAARx is an industry neutral, mission driven organization that is governed by a board of directors comprised of executives from a diverse group of specialty pharmacies. SPAARx works to set guidelines for the industry and the delivery of the unique services that differentiate specialty pharmacy from traditional pharmacy; advocating for important legislative and regulatory issues that impact all specialty pharmacies nationally, and helping to advance the professional and personal development of those working in specialty pharmacy settings.

SOURCE: Armada