Ardon Health Awarded NASP Specialty Pharmacy of the Year


The award goes to the organization that has done the most to advance patient care and the practice of specialty pharmacy.

At the fifth annual meeting of the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) held last week in Washington, D.C., Ardon Health received the prestigious Specialty Pharmacy of the Year Award. Ardon Health’s President, Chandra Wahrgren, and members of the company’s leadership accepted the award on behalf of Ardon’s entire team of caring specialty pharmacy professionals.

Of the 1,200 NASP corporate association members, Ardon Health was selected to receive this award for embodying the practice of pharmacy in the field of specialty, based on community involvement, patient satisfaction, cost management, innovation in the field and quality/performance improvement initiatives, which include patient care and outcomes, disease state and therapy management, and patient engagement. According to NASP, this peer-nominated and reviewed award goes to the organization that has done the most to advance patient care and the practice of specialty pharmacy, as well as uphold the values of NASP over the past year.

NASP is committed to specialty pharmacist education and certification and is strongly invested in the continuing improvement of specialty pharmacy practice as advances in medicine and treatment regimens emerge. When presenting the award, NASP President Rebecca Shanahan stated “Specialty pharmacy provides a crucial and unique service to the most vulnerable patients in the country, ensuring they have access to the life-changing medications they need, along with the necessary support to succeed with complex treatments.” She further commented, “This year’s NASP award honorees are exemplary representatives of the specialty pharmacy industry.” You can learn more about the association and the Specialty Pharmacy of the Year Award by visiting the NASP website.

President Chandra Wahrgren noted, “One of Ardon’s company values is to exercise the courage to be different and to foster change…we seek to transform rather than simply adapt.” She added, “We are truly honored to receive this award, which validates our patient-focused team is making a positive difference.”

Ardon’s innovative oncology program, designed to ensure patient safety, optimize therapies and improve outcomes was referenced in the presentation of the Specialty Pharmacy of the Year Award. Ardon’s Vice President of Business Development, Grant Knowles, commented, “Exceptional clinical programs and patient care are the highest priority at Ardon…. We are happy, grateful and proud to know our work to elevate the practice of specialty pharmacy has been recognized by our industry peers.”

About Ardon Health

Ardon Health, a specialty pharmacy based in Portland, Oregon, provides a wide range of specialty medications and personalized patient care nationwide. While primarily serving the Pacific Northwest, the company is focused on optimizing patient outcomes through the delivery of high-quality, compassionate specialty pharmacy services to patients in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Ardon’s experienced clinical pharmacists have expertise in the treatment of numerous complex diseases and health conditions. Ardon is accredited for specialty pharmacy by both URAC and ACHC and is one of the first pharmacies to achieve ACHC Distinction in Oncology. For additional information about Ardon Health, please visit

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