APhA Awards 2019 Remington Honor Medal to Dedicated, Passionate Pharmacist


Each year, the American Pharmacists Association presents this award awarded to a professional who goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Each year, the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Remington Honor Medal is awarded to a pharmacist who goes above and beyond the call of duty to advance the profession of pharmacy and improve patient lives.

The award is considered the most prestigious honor in the profession.

The 2019 Remington Honor Medal was presented to Lucinda L. Maine, PhD, RPh, chief executive officer and executive president of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP), for the compassion and dedication she has displayed throughout her career.

The APhA noted that the honor reflects the core values of the Remington Honor Medal: dedication to advancing pharmacy and improving quality of life for patients. These values have been highlighted since the award inception in 1918, when it was named after community pharmacist, Joseph P. Remington, to recognize distinguished service within the past year or throughout a pharmacist’s lifetime.

Maine is the 6th woman to receive this award, of 90 recipients.

“My selection meant a lot to women pharmacists that I have known over time,” she said in an interview.

One of Maine’s achievements that exemplify her commitment to pharmacy advancement is her foundation, Pharmacists for Healthier Lives (PfHL), an alliance of organizations that bring awareness to the countless services pharmacists provide beyond filling prescriptions. The alliance has received support from 4 national pharmacy organizations and 5 state pharmacy associations, along with many other foundations and groups.

“The profession, it has needed a public facing, contemporary message about what pharmacists can really do for people, for the public for a very long time,” Maine said about her motivations for starting PfHL. “A big portion is the public really still doesn’t understand what pharmacy educated people are equipped to do.”

Maine cites as her biggest achievements her involvement with immunization and interprofessional collaboration, noting the vast progression in pharmacy immunization.

“I often tell people that 20 years ago, there were 10 pharmacists in the country who were involved in providing immunizations," she said. "Now, it’s well over 300,000 pharmacists who are certified."

In accepting the award, Maine also recognized the hard work of her colleagues.

“In no case did I do any of this by myself,” she said. “I was surrounded by really talented and committed individuals helping me.”

Maine also participated in Pharmacy Times' #APharmacistIs campaign, sharing what being a pharmacist means to her.

“A Pharmacist Is Whole Hearted, which means courageous, compassionate, and connected,” Maine said, referencing a prominent social worker she admires, Brene Brown.


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