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Amneal Pharmaceuticals is an American company and global manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals.

Amneal Pharmaceuticals is an American company and global manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals. High integrity, superior execution across all operations, and a strong sense of family values all drive the corporate culture.

Amneal makes all of its products keeping firmly in mind they are to be consumed by people. “There isn’t a single item we produce that we wouldn’t want our own loved ones to use,” explains Amneal co-CEO & co-Chairman Chirag Patel. From this fundamental thought comes the company’s new tagline, “The World is Our Family”.


Since 2012, the company has focused on expanding its portfolio to include many complex dosage forms and high-value specialty generics, while continuing to supply high-volume commodity drugs. This balanced mix of high-volume and high-value products, together with non-price value, delivers significant benefit to pharmacy customers.


Amneal plans to launch its first intravaginal product in the Fall. This will join several recently launched oral contraceptives and augment the company’s growing Women’s Health product line. “Our women’s health product pipeline is rich with complex formulations, new dosage forms and devices dedicated to addressing specific women’s health concerns,” explains Jim Luce, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Amneal. “We are committed to expanding this category beyond 2016 and continuing to deliver highquality products and service to this patient population and to its healthcare providers.”


August should mark the introduction of a new dosage form for the company as its Amneal Biosciences subsidiary launches its first of many injectable products scheduled to release over the next 12 months. Staffed with experts in the institutional segment, the Amneal Biosciences team will focus on bringing multi-source injectables, novel formulations and specialty pharmaceuticals to market. Biosimilars are in the future as well.


Whether expanding into new markets or efficiently serving its loyal customers, Amneal has built a reputation for consistently providing quality generics, outstanding service levels, reliability of supply, and fast response to inquiries or problems.

Seeing the world as its family remains the heart of Amneal’s approach to business and the reason for its tremendous success.

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