American Associated Pharmacies to Launch AAP Specialty Pharmacy


Independent Pharmacy Cooperative teams with Diplomat's retail specialty network.

Independent Pharmacy Cooperative teams with Diplomat’s retail specialty network.

American Associated Pharmacies (AAP), a member-owned national cooperative of independent pharmacies, is launching a specialty pharmacy program through partnership with Diplomat. The company’s Retail Specialty Network (RSN) will provide AAP members with back-end clinical services and care management such as prior authorization, adherence calls, copay assistance, injection training coordination and pharmacist consultations, while participating pharmacies maintain their patient relationships.

Specialty drugs are typically defined as high-cost, scientifically engineered medications used to treat complex, chronic conditions. They often require special storage, handling and administration—and involve patient education, monitoring and management.

“Clearly, our partnership with Diplomat will help spur opportunities for our independent pharmacies,” said AAP President and CEO Jon Copeland, RPh. “AAP Specialty Pharmacy will provide centralized support and specialized patient services that otherwise might be difficult to perform at individual store sites.”

Initially, those AAP members that use the Rx30 pharmacy dispensing interface will be invited to take advantage of AAP Specialty Pharmacy. Other member pharmacies will be invited to participate as data capabilities expand.

“We are proud to team up with independent pharmacies part of the AAP family,” said Diplomat CEO Phil Hagerman, RPh. “The RSN and AAP partnership will help bridge the gap between the specialty arena and independents from coast to coast. With advanced adherence measures and clinical expertise, we will help AAP’s specialty patients achieve the best outcomes possible. And with clinical assistance at every step, AAP pharmacies will enter the specialty market with the best patient-care system available.”

Copeland concluded, “AAP pharmacies are locally engaged. Whether it is diabetes awareness, flu shots or medication consultation—our pharmacists are community advocates who offer high-touch, personalized service. And, now they will have the tools to create and expand their specialty business. By keeping specialty pharmacy prescriptions in our local communities, we expect to improve patient care and decrease costs. We see this as a win-win situation for patients, local physicians and our pharmacies.”

AAP will be rolling out AAP Specialty Pharmacy to select members later this month. Additional information is available on


About American Associated Pharmacies

Scottsboro, Alabama-based AAP is an independent-owned and independent-directed pharmacy cooperative. The nationwide group of more than 2,000 independent pharmacies is the 10th-largest retail pharmacy chain. Backed by more than 35 years of combined independent pharmacy experience and expertise, the group is the result of the 2009 merger of Associated Pharmacies, Inc. (API) and Phoenix-Arizona-based United Drugs. The cooperative is privately held.

About Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy

Michigan-based Diplomat is the largest independent specialty pharmacy in the United States. The privately-held company, founded in 1975, delivers personalized medication therapies to patients with specialized needs such as cancer, HIV or multiple sclerosis. Diplomat offers drug compounding, back-end services for retailers and hospitals, and specialty-care coverage to more than 12 million lives nationwide. Diplomat’s distribution and services business model creates partnerships with physicians, patients, group purchasing organizations, hospitals, retail chains and managed markets—with a focus on improving adherence and the patient experience.


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