Amazon Announces Acquisition of Online Pharmacy PillPack

The massive online retailer is entering the online pharmacy world with its acquisition of PillPack.

Today, you can order just about anything you need from the convenience of your home with Amazon. The massive online retailer is taking it a step further as it enters the online pharmacy world with its recent purchase of PillPack.

Amazon announced their acquisition of the online pharmacy PillPack, which prides itself on customer service by offering presorted medication, and home delivery, in a press release. The announcement came just months after reports that Amazon

was backing off plans for large-scale drug distribution and had been struggling to do business with hospitals. Additionally, Amazon had also reportedly run into some infrastructure and logistical issues around specialized products, such as requiring refrigeration across the distribution infrastructure and special handling requirements.

“PillPack makes it simple for any customer to take the right medication at the right time, and feel healthier,” TJ Parker, co-founder, and CEO of PillPack said in a press release about the acquisition. “Together with Amazon, we are eager to continue working with partners across the healthcare industry to help people throughout the U.S. who can benefit from a better pharmacy experience.”

Amazon and PillPack signed into a definitive merger agreement in which Amazon will acquire the pharmacy upon transaction finalization sometime in the next 6 months, according to the press release.

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