Adapting to Change in Community Pharmacy Culture


Changing dynamics are influencing the way pharmacists provide care.

Changing dynamics are influencing the way pharmacists provide care.

As some health plans narrow their networks, community pharmacies can be well-positioned to stay inside their network and participate in pay-for-performance programs in a number of ways.

In this video, Sam Stolpe, PharmD, senior director of Quality Strategies and Business Development at Pharmacy Quality Alliance, offers a few ways in which community pharmacists can adapt.

For instance, Dr. Stolpe suggests creating a culture within the practice setting where value propositions related to quality are front and center.

A bigger emphasis is being placed on comprehensive medication review (CMR) completion rates, so there will be greater expectations for community pharmacists to provide this service for patients, he notes.

Tying CMR completion and good medication adherence rates to incentives can be an effective way to motivate pharmacists to focus on these measures, Dr. Stolpe says.

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