8 Apps That Will Help You Find Balance


Here are 8 apps that you can download today to help you own this new year.

As pharmacists, we’re on our feet a lot and it’s go, go, go once you arrive at work.

Wearable technology can have an impact on this workload, as well as our patient's lives. That's why we created this brief poll. Completing this poll will not only give us greater insight into how you work, but it will also help us as we continue to shape our future editorial direction.

In addition, below, we we have a list of 8 apps that you can download today to help you get organized.


Find a moment of zen with Calm.

Calm is perfect for the pharmacist that wants to learn about guided meditation in quick, easy tutorials. The app boasts that by embracing mindfulness, users will have more clarity, joy, and peace. Sessions run from 3 to 25 minutes, meaning you can easily tailor them to your busy pharmacy or pharmacy school schedule. Each user gets a daily 10-minute meditation program to keep them on track. If you toss and turn at night, stressing about what needs to happen the next day, their sleep stories feature may help. It’s a collection of mostly nature-based essays that help ease you into a great night’s rest.

2. Focus on snoozing with Sleep Cycle alarm clock.

Finding a sleep pattern that works for you can do wonders for you energy level and focus during the day. With the volume and variety of tasks we take on as pharmacists, a good night’s sleep is critical. Download this app to start tracking your REM cycle to wake up rested. This app works with your phone to monitor your sleep and sounds an alarm to wake you when you are in your lightest sleep phase, providing a more natural experience.

I was skeptical at first too since this one works without a wearable, but the sound and vibration analysis does the trick. You tell your phone when you want to wake up within a 30- minute window and leave the rest to Sleep Cycle.

3. Learn new things and get competitive with QuizUp.

Trivia is now at your fingertips. Need something fun and challenging to enjoy in 2017? QuizUp may be for you.

Not only can you challenge people you know, this app also lets you play against other users from around the globe. Are you passionate about history or can you rattle off baseball stats with the best of them? Whatever your interest or vice, there’s likely a QuizUp category for you. For those just looking to learn and explore the general topic options test your knowledge and introduce you to categories you may just want to learn more about. As with most gaming apps, you can rack up the points and climb in the rankings.

4. Bring more creativity to your daily life with Brainsparker.

Helping pharmacies embrace social media is definitely a passion of mine, but creating engaging content can be tough. A tried and true brainstorming exercise is using random words to spark new ideas. That’s exactly what you’ll get at the touch of a button with Brainsparker.

Push yourself to think about life, work or really any challenge differently. Brainsparker offers a series of prompts with images, words, or phrases. All you have to do is look at the card and relate it to the problem at hand. The app creators describe the process as an opportunity to work your creativity muscles. And for those of us who need a little help taking a project or solution to the next level, this app is very helpful.

5. Get inspired with TED.

By now you’ve probably watched a TED Talk or 2, but with the app on your phone, personalized content is only a click away. Enjoy learning and being challenged to see the world through someone else’s eyes.

Perhaps you’ll find yourself listening to a talk that will have you standing in the Wonder Woman pose before an important meeting or interview to boost your confidence. Maybe you’ll be learning about the technology that exists to purify drinking water. Whatever you find yourself listening to, it is sure to inspire and challenge you to be your best self.

With TED’s full library of 2000 talks available on the app, you’re sure to find something to spark your curiosity.

6. Learn to think happy with Gratitude Journal.

This app offers the possibility to rewire the way you think about life in just 3 short weeks. Gratitude Journal is a journaling tool that challenges you to see life positively.

Each day for 3 weeks, you are prompted to enter 5 positive memories. This password-protected platform lets your enjoy it with friends or keep your thoughts to yourself and is integrated for easy sharing should you choose. As for the journaling, make it your own. Write, share a story, add a photo, or simply mark what you’re grateful for that day.

For those of us who are frustrated or facing a major life change, this app can help keep you thinking positively about the awesome life you have.

7. Find Your Fit with My Fitness Pal

Are you attempting to make a lifestyle shift this year? MyFitnessPal is one of my favorites and can help.

My favorite thing about this app is the nutrition support. Not only can I search for the calorie content of the granola bar I ate earlier today, but the app also pulls fiber, sugar, fat, and so much more information. Then, it maps your diet -- making suggestions about what you may need to cut back on or add more of. Finding a balanced diet has never been easier. The app also helps track fitness and keeps your accountable. Plus, you can scan the barcode of whatever you’re about to eat for quick access to the nutrition information.

8. Use Productivity Wizard.

Are you already lagging behind on the goals you set this year? Try this life productivity system and make this your best year yet. This app offers you a "get things done system' that helps you plan, focus, and create the results you want in any area of your life. It will walk you through cerating your own personal action plan.

My favorite thing about this app is that it allows you to focus on the goals that are most important to you and will help you design a daily ritual that will help you succeed.

Go find something that make you happy, hopefully one of these unique apps can help.

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