5 Things to do While in Las Vegas for Asembia 2017


Fun activities to do in Las Vegas during the Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit.

Asembia’s 2017 Specialty Pharmacy Summit is the largest specialty pharmacy conference in the nation. Besides attending sessions and networking opportunities, read below to find out other fun things to do while in Las Vegas, Nevada.

1. Walk the Las Vegas Strip

Day or night, the Las Vegas Strip is known to be filled with memorable performers and beautiful sights. The iconic neon lights are a must see while in town for Asembia. The Las Vegas Strip is filled with museums, aquariums, art galleries, and more activities to make your trip memorable.

2. Cirque du Soleil

The acrobatic show is a signature event for Las Vegas. Since each show is catered to the audience, the Las Vegas location makes this show quite extravagant. There are multiple different types of Cirque du Soleil shows being performed during the conference, making it easy to find a show to interest all.

3. Attend a concert

During Asembia, there are multiple events being performed near the Wynn hotel, where the conference is located. From the Blue Man Group to Elton John to Britney Spears, seeing these performers will take your Las Vegas experience to the next level.

4. Take a helicopter tour

The Grand Canyon All American Helicopter Tour provides an aerial view of the Grand Canyon. This particular tour has been named the best and most convenient helicopter tour of the canyon from Las Vegas. The tour provides a limousine pick up, a picnic lunch at the bottom of the canyon, and overhead views of the Las Vegas Strip. The tours are offered throughout the day, and makes it easy to do without missing important sessions.

5. Skyjumping

If you’re a daredevil, then this activity is the right one for you. Skyjump Las Vegas will offer an adrenaline rush from jumping off the 108th floor of the Stratosphere Tower. The experience of flying over the Las Vegas Strip during the day, at sunset, or at night will surely be an unforgettable conference experience.

For more fun things to do while in Las Vegas for Asembia, click here.

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