5 Can't-Miss Sessions at the 2019 Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit


Check back daily for our coverage of the Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit this week.

Asembia kicked off its annual Specialty Pharmacy Summit for 2019 this Monday, April 29, where stakeholders throughout the specialty pharmacy community convened in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This year, more than 6500 executives from pharmacies, health systems, pharma/biotech manufacturers, drug wholesalers, payers, and other industry stakeholders in the specialty space are in attendance. With many hot button issues at the forefront of the pharmacy industry, the 4-day long meeting will be packed with sessions spanning a variety of topics.

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Make sure you watch out for these must-see sessions in our coverage this week:

1. Innovations in Oncology: Specialty Pipeline Update

Cheryl Allen, BSPharm, MBA, and Florencio Calderon, PharmD, BCPS, leads this session to provide a deep dive into the specialty oncology pipeline, a fast-moving space with momentum poised to deliver vast innovations in the continuum of cancer care. Session topics include recent approvals in cell and gene therapy, immuno-oncology, and genomic biomarkers.

2. Market Disintermediation: Mergers, Mega Players and Media Hype

In this session, Dean Erhardt, MBA, addresses the changing world of health care and the emerging players in the space. Look for a discussion on the ongoing market changes and how these might affect the strategies of manufacturers in their marketing and commercialization options.

3. Specialty Pharmacy Industry Outlook: What’s Next?

Speakers Adam Fein, PhD, Lisa Gill, and Doug Long will deliver a thought-provoking analysis and outlook on the specialty pharmacy industry in this featured business session. Topics will span key trends reshaping specialty drug channels, how Wall Street and financial markets view specialty pharmacy, and the latest data on the specialty market.

4. General Session Keynote: Remarks from Scott Gottlieb, MD

Dr. Gottlieb, 23rd commissioner of the FDA, will deliver the keynote speech at this year’s summit. Under his leadership, the FDA made historic and prolific advances in new policy, in addition to a record-setting number of approvals of novel drugs, medical devices, and generic medicines.

5. Value Based-Care Opportunities and Trends for Specialty Therapeutics

As the health care industry shifts focus to value-based care, stakeholders must monitor and navigate trends that are shaping the future of the industry. In this session, Bedrick Gadea will provide an overview of best practices for pharmaceutical and specialty pharmacy companies in order to evolve with these trends.

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