3 Must-Have Traits to Seek in a New Hire


We previously discussed various methods for attracting the best potential hires from the largest pool of qualified candidates.

We previously discussed methods for attracting the best candidates from the largest pool of qualified candidates. So, now you’re ready to jump right into the interview process and make the perfect hire. Not so fast! Do you even know what you’re looking for and why you’re looking for it? Does the perfect candidate have a degree? A number of years of experience? A good fashion sense?

What Most Employers Get Wrong

The applicant’s experience isn’t the most important factor. In fact, her experience may be the wrong experience. And, therefore, you may not get what you really want. It’s unfortunate that most owners get this backwards. If you look for and hire on the basis of experience only, you may discover that the individual not only has the wrong experience, but also may have developed some bad habits.

The single most important characteristic you should be seeking is drive and determination to succeed.

Some things can be taught to any new employee, and some things cannot—those things need to be brought to the job. That which can be taught relates to these specific skills and knowhow to perform the job. However, 3 valuable attributes need to be part and parcel of each applicant’s behaviors. They must be inherent in the character of the candidate in order to qualify for consideration.

Here’s why.

An individual’s intellect may come into play, but smart individuals who aren’t driven to succeed won’t get the job done. If they’re lazy, either physically or mentally, they just won’t help you accomplish your goals. In fact, individuals who are driven but who are just slightly above average in intellect will outperform a more intelligent individual who barely gets by. The candidate who’s driven will grow in stature, develop more talents, and accomplish more in the first few months of training than anyone who isn’t.

So, the first characteristic you’re going to be looking for is: drive and determination to succeed. It’s sometimes evident during the first interview. It’s definitely discernable by the second interview.

Other Characteristics to Identify

Along the way, each superior applicant should have 2 additional characteristics. Indeed, both should also be readily evident in every individual on your staff.

• The willingness to learn new ideas and new ways of doing things.

• The native ability to acquire that learning (oftentimes expressed as the individual’s IQ).

You really need to consider the specific qualities of the individual. They add up to something we’ll call “attitude.” The attitude you’re seeking must encompass a willingness and ability to learn new ideas and methods.

Add this willingness and ability to a burning desire to succeed, and you have the 3 main characteristics by which to identify someone with a true success factor.

In addition to those critical characteristics, and depending on the job, you’ll also be looking for one of the following:

• Native selling sense (where the individual has a lot of customer contact or is decidedly in a selling position).

• Keen attention to detail where the job requires fastidious attention to detail (where the outcome needs to be 100% accurate, eg, filling prescriptions, bookkeeping, etc.).

Please note: nothing has been said about experience.

Next time, we’ll discuss the process and the 3 stages of interviewing.

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