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Abby Calling Technology Improves Medication Adherence

Cardinal Health Inc (Dublin, OH) recently introduced its Web-based Abby Calling Technology, which helps pharmacies improve patient relationships and medication adherence, while also increasing prescription refill rates and reducing labor costs. The interactive, automated outbound calling tool allows retailers to notify patients when prescriptions are ready or need to be refilled, share information regarding special promotions, and conduct customer surveys. The Abby Calling Technology allows calls to be made using the local pharmacist's voice or by professional voice talent and the pharmacy's local phone number appears in the patient's caller ID. The technology takes <30 minutes of training to use, helps pharmacies improve productivity by streamlining the process for making outbound phone calls, and significantly reduces inbound phone calls. For more information, visit

NanoEncryption Helps Prevent Illegal Diversion, Counterfeiting

NanoGuardian's (a division of NanoInk. Skokie, IL) NanoEncryption technology provides pharmaceutical manufacturers with true forensic, multilayered, authentication and tracing brand protection at the individual dosage level. The technology works directly on tablets, capsules, and vials and captures an unlimited amount of data including manufacturing information, dosage strength, and expiration date. NanoEncryption technology on each tablet is directly linked with batch-specific data, including serial number, manufacture date, manufacture location, and supply chain ship-to locations. NanoEncryption is complementary to on-package brand protection options, such as radio-frequency identification and 2-D bar codes, providing a multilayered protective approach for each individual dose from plant to patient. The FDA recently gave approval to a NanoGuardian client to use NanoEncryption technology as an on-dosage, brand protection technology. For more information, visit

Sfax Streamlines E-Prescribing

SecureCare Technologies Inc (Austin, TX) will integrate Sfax&#8212;its electronic fax record&#8212;with Houston-based NewCrop's electronic prescription (e-prescribing) process, expanding the company's reach into the growing e-prescribing marketplace. The addition of Sfax into NewCrop's system will streamline the prescription process between physicians and pharmacies by allowing incoming faxes to be fully incorporated into the NewCrop electronic system. NewCrop provides comprehensive e-prescribing systems, delivered over the Internet and designed for incorporation into other medical applications such as electronic medical records. Sfax is easy to deploy, scalable to any size organization, and set up and training can be done in 30 minutes or less. Users can import address books, create custom cover pages, and transmit from any computer that has Internet access. Additional features of Sfax include a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 ready platform that meets or exceeds requirements, online storage for 365 days, auto log and audit trail of all faxes, auto notifications of sent and received faxes, and toll-free numbers that route faxes to the right individual and save time. For more information, visit, or call 888-447-3707.

Auxiliary Images Enhance MILT 3.0 Offerings

Medi-Dose Inc (Ivyland, PA) recently added free Auxiliary Images for clients using Medi-Dose Information Labeling Technology (MILT) 3.0 to create labels. With MILT 3.0, individuals can design labels onscreen using colors, fonts, images, and bar codes of their choosing. The addition of Auxiliary Images, which include common dispensing information and warnings (eg, Refrigerate, Shake Well, Sound-Alike/ Look-Alike), can be incorporated into any MILT support label. Free Auxiliary Images can be downloaded at For more information, visit, or call 800-523-8966.

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