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Kirby Lester Goes to Washington

Lake Forest, Illinois?based Kirby Lesterwill be providing its automated tabletand counting machines in the WhiteHouse Medical Unit (WHMU) clinic.

The WHMU is located in the EisenhowerExecutive Office Building. The clinicprovides worldwide emergency actionresponse and comprehensive medicalcare to the president, vice president,their families, and guests. The WHMU alsoprovides medical care for internationaldiplomats and heads of state, as wellas emergency response for >1.5 millionannual visitors to the White House.

PharmASSIST, Refill TeleManagerNow Integrated

Innovation recently announced theintegrationof its PharmASSIST Symphonyworkflow management system andTeleManagerTechnologies' Refill TeleManager.The integration enables pharmaciesto manage their prescriptionfilling process and overall workflow moreefficiently and deliver improved customerservice.

"More and more pharmacies are experiencingthe true productivity, customerservice, and revenue generation?related benefits of IVR [interactive voiceresponse] systems, especially when integratedwith their workflow packages,"said Paul Kobylevsky, chief operatingofficer for TeleManager Technologies.Highlights of the PharmASSIST Symphony/Refill TeleManager integration include:

  • Patient access to Rx status: Patientscan call the pharmacy's IVRsystem and receive detailed statuson the processing of their Rxs
  • Increased visibility: Pharmaciescan instantly determine the exactstatus and physical location of allRxs, identify who performed eachworkflow task, and see the date/time stamp of when each task wasperformed
  • On-screen interface: The systemhas a state-of-the-art, on-screen userinterface from which pharmacy staffcan perform all refill management?related tasks
  • Automated prescription triage: Thesystem instantly evaluates all refillRxs as received and either routesthem for filling or identifies them asRxs that require a physician's authorizationor pharmacist intervention
  • Outbound fax to physician: Thesystem automatically faxes anauthorization request to a physician'soffice when a refill Rx requiresa doctor's authorization for additionalrefills
  • Outbound patient calling: Basedon patients' requests to opt-in oropt-out, the system can automaticallygenerate outbound calls toremind them to pick up their Rxs

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