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M38 Mobile Computing Cart Helps Meet Clinicians' Needs

Rubbermaid Medical Solutions (Huntersville, NC) recently launched a new M38 Mobile Computer Cart line featuring a powered computer cart prewired computer cart and nonpowered computer cart. Key features of the cart include a lightweight design starting at 70 lb; contoured front handle that minimizes user strain when pushing the cart; document cover that protects reference documents placed on the work surface; and multiple storage options that include side bins, a wire basket and a drawer with keyless entry. The M38 Mobile Computing Carts also offer information technology staff the integration, support and maintenance capabilities needed for quick implementation in various health care settings.


Medical Manager "Reveals" All

Paris Business Products Inc (Westampton, NJ) recently introduced Reveal Medical Manager, a portable, dependable, secure, and user-friendly health and wellness information organizer. Created to save time and help ease the anxiety of individuals caring for a loved one or themselves, Reveal Medical Manager offers a complete solution for systemized storage and easy reference for all medical, pharmaceutical, dental, and vision information. The organizer was designed to be an A-to-Z health and wellness resource. Its preprinted forms, calendars, trackers, schedules, and logs for information leave the guesswork out of what a caregiver needs to have recorded and on hand for any health-related appointment. The product's portable design allows individuals to easily take it with them for physician, pharmacy, laboratory, and hospital visits. Reveal Medical Manager organizes all the necessary records for each visit to help prevent information from being forgotten and to help reduce communication errors with health care providers. The comprehensive organizer contains 90 pages of preprinted forms plus an emergency information card, appointment card holders, and tabbed and labeled index dividers with built-in storage pockets.

Growing Pharmacies Benefit with Multi-Site Management

QS/1 (Spartanburg, SC) recently launched its new Multi-Site Management (MSM) platform geared for growing pharmacy operations. MSM allows chain pharmacies to manage multiple store locations from a single site. MSM was formerly called Central Management System (CMS). The name change from CMS comes to avoid any confusion with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The platform has been enhanced over its predecessor to include 3 new centralized databases. In the Central Prescriber Database, if the prescriber is not found in the NRx Pharmacy System, the user will have the option to search the MSM central database for that prescriber and add him or her with a keystroke. In the Central Drug Database, if the drug does not exist in the NRx Pharmacy System, the clinician can add it from the central database with minimal effort. Pharmacies will have access to the MSM drug database, including all of the drugs available from First Data Bank. In the Central Employee Security Database, employees are added and managed by a corporate user at MSM. If an existing employee is working at another location, he or she will have the ability to query the central database and be added as a user with the appropriate security access at the site without corporate disruption.

Tronex Pak Handles Powered, Granulated Meds

Tronex Herbal Solutions Inc's (Parsippany, NJ) Tronex Pak provides flexible, customized solutions in the production of personalized single-dose sachets for powdered or granulated medications and nutritional supplements. The Tronex Pak modernized process increases efficiency in packaging and improves quality control. The streamlined process allows for the prescribing of multiple medications at various times, or multiple forms of medications and supplements at the same time. With Tronex Pak's individual sachets and personalized instructions, the process is made simple, efficient, and hygienic. Powders and granules are the specialty of Tronex Pak. With its unique heat roller mechanism, clinicians can package up to 43 controlled dosage individual sachets per minute. Tronex Pak's professional customized printing is convenient and user-friendly. It helps eliminate any patient confusion with personalized instructions for use.

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