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eMinder Helps PatientsComply with Drug Therapy

Cogi Systems? (Minnetonka, MN)eMinder is an electronic reminder systemfor medication and care-managementneeds. eMinder is a computer-generatedsimple message service(SMS) that delivers a text message tothe patient?s mobile phone. Each textmessage reminds patients to take theirmedication on a schedule determinedby themselves and their physician orpharmacist. The messaging sent fromeMinder helps patients develop a patternor habit, resulting in proper use ofprescribed medications. The productalso serves as a reminder for appointmentsand other notification needs thatsupport patient wellness. Reliable andeasy-to-use, eMinder SMS delivers messageswherever telecommunicationreception is available.

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ApotheCare-MTM OptimizesTherapeutic Outcomes

Cerner Etreby's (Garden Grove, CA)ApotheCare-MTM enhances thepharmacist's role in health care in avariety of practice settings. The systemis designed to address medication therapymanagement's (MTM) 5 core components:medication therapy review;personal medication record (PMR);assessment, intervention, and referral;medication action plan (MAP); and documentationand follow-up. Medicationtherapy review is the process ofassessing the patient's current medicationtherapy, allowing the pharmacist todocument all prescription and OTCdrugs, as well as other remedies thatthe patient is taking to allow for the comprehensivechecks to be performed bythe database engines. The PMR is generatedand given to the patient for usein medication self-management. In addressingmedication-related problems,the pharmacist intervenes and/or refersthe patient to the appropriate counselwhen necessary. This stage is designedto optimize the drug therapy of apatient and provide clinical records ofproposed actions or interventions performedto solve the patient's problem.The MAP is a handout given to the patientat the end of the visit. It is a patientcentereddocument created togetherby the patient, pharmacist, physician,and other health care providers. EveryMTM service performed gets documentedin ApotheCare-MTM in a consistentmanner, and a follow-up MTM visit isscheduled with the patient or caregiver.

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PharmaTrak Follows Drug Supply Chain

System Planning Corp (Arlington,VA) recently introduced PharmaTrak,an industry-specific derivative of itspatented GlobalTrak asset monitoringand tracking system engineered tomeet the rigorous tracking and monitoringrequirements for pharmaceuticalsand biomedical supplies. Pharma-Trak provides real-time tracking andmonitoring throughout the pharmaceuticalsupply chain from manufacturerto distributor to retailer or clinicaltrial?without gaps?as shipmentsmove from trucks to ships, back to surfacetransport, and through distributioncenters. The system?s sensor suitebegins with basic security monitorssuch as door position, light, andacoustic detectors. The industry-essentialtemperature sensors on Pharma-Trak can be set to monitor and recordtemperature, report periodic averagereadings at customer-determinedintervals, and send immediate alerts ifexcursions beyond acceptable rangesoccur. Humidity, shock, and vibrationsensors also can be calibrated to alertor report as needed.

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Omnicell WorkflowRx 5.0Aids Pharmacy Operation

Omnicell Inc?s (Mountain View, CA)Omnicell WorkflowRx 5.0 centralpharmacy automation solution allowspharmacy staff to complete automateddispensing, unit-dose packaging, andother maintenance tasks simultaneously.The solution also increases productivityand efficiency through a uniqueintelligent hardware recovery managementfeature that frees staff to focuson direct patient care activities.Omnicell WorkflowRx 5.0 solution interfaceswith Omnicell?s bar-code packagingsystem and inventory managementcarousel system to manage 100% ofthe central pharmacy inventory and dispensingtasks. New features of thesolution include an integrated 340Border process that tracks 340B-eligibledrug use and automatically generates340B-specific purchase orders, allowingparticipating facilities to realize thebenefits of 340B pricing without complicatedmanagement of drug use data.

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