can you READ these Rxs?

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Registered Pharmacist Isabel Chan of CVS/pharmacy #8501 in Darien, Ill, had to rely on thepatient to help decipher this prescription. Thepatient had brought several prescriptions intothe pharmacy upon discharge from the hospital.Chan was unable to reach the prescribingphysician for clarification due to the late hour.To solve the problem, she asked the patientfor the discharge paper. Do you know whatmedication the physician ordered?

Registered Pharmacist Jeff Lakins and pharmacytechnicians Julie Parks and Courtney Reed ofMartin?s Pharmacy in Effingham, Ill, had a prettygood idea what medication the prescribing physicianordered. Yet, they still called the physician?soffice for confirmation. What medication is thepatient going to take?


Rx 1: Prednisone 10 mg, #30, as directed.

Rx 2: Zemplar, 1 mcg, #30, 1 capsule po daily.

Have eye-straining, baffling prescriptions? Send them to Pharmacy Times.Along with a clean photocopy of the prescription itself, your submission must include: (1) the name of your institution and its location; (2)your name and title (PharmD, RPh, Pharm Tech); (3) the correct name of the drug(s), strength, and dosing requirements; and (4) your telephonenumber. Please mail your submissions to: Can You Read These Rxs?, Pharmacy Times, 103 College Road East, Princeton, NJ 08540.

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