Pharmacy Times, Volume 0, 0

Pope Benedict XVI called on the world'spharmacy and political leaders to recognizethe right of Catholic pharmacists torefuse to dispense emergency contraceptionor euthanasia drugs.

During a meeting in the Vatican with anumber of Catholic pharmacists, the Popesaid that conscientious objection was aright that must be acknowledged by thepharmaceutical profession worldwide.Additionally, the Pope said that pharmaciststhemselves have an obligation toinform patients of the ethical problemsassociated with the use ofcertain drugs.

"Pharmacists must seekto raise people's awarenessso that all humanbeings are protected from conception tonatural death, and so that medicines trulyplay a therapeutic role," said Pope Benedict.

According to the Pope, conscientiousobjector status would enable pharmacists"not to collaborate directly or indirectly insupplying products that have clearlyimmoral purposes."